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[Kickstarter] MEDiAN - third-person sci-fi exploration adventure

KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,323

Found this by chance while exploring the depths of kickstarter. MEDiAN - the colony is an upcoming game that is currently being developed by YetAnotherIndie. The team appears to be small and isn't even a full fledged company yet. Probably the reason as to why they called themselves as they did. :p



The game itself appears to be a third-person science-fiction based exploration adventure with realistic gameplay character, space travels between planets and to some extent also roleplaying aspects. By raising skills, securing resources and completing quests/missions, the player (Ethan) can help the colony grow. Not much else is known at this point other than it's target features:

Immersive gameplay experience
Many exploration features
Interstellar planet-system with possible other habitants
Daily mission routines within the colony
Special missions on and outside of the MEDiAN planet
NPC interaction and dialogue system

For starters, I've pledged 50,00 € as I feel it could have potential. The initial funding goal is set rather low for an video game with 10.000,00 €.

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