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[Request/Question] The dialog`s subtitles Fonts background and tooltip fonts size

frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 55
Hello to this forum!

I am hardcore PC_RPG gamer, played in the many games on the hardest difficulty setting, so I try complete all side quest , etc.. SO I need to read a lot, lot dialogs , tips , about treads and so on. My native lang. is not English, and I have a hell low skill with it.

My ask, or question is are: HOW I CAN CHANGE THE DEFAULT BLACK COLOR BACKGROUND IN THE BG:EE? — I need the BLACK text and the WHITE background.
and it will be greate to change size of the TOOLTIPS font, it is too small ....

BG:EE — seems to be a very enjoyable game, I heard a lot about it. But for saddenly , I had been need to changed the default CUTSCENES , I have nothing about the COMIC — I like it! But the Classic Intro Cutscene with a some —Philosophy— stuff , is conversed me.... ^_^ .

Thanx for hte answers.

P.S. Any other good adwice and tips for what mods I need will be appritiated , but plz dont spoil..

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