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[Android] A small problem after applying the Nillkin screen protector

fkirenicusfkirenicus Member Posts: 331
edited December 2015 in Troubleshooting
Just an observation I wanted to share - I applied a screen protector to my Google Nexus 6 phone today, and was a little dismayed when suddenly I could not choose characters. I couldn't in fact get anything on the RIGHT menu to work properly, e.g. choosing one character or activating the button for showing containers and points of interest. The menu on the LEFT though works properly as far as I am able to see, and also the action window proper (if I click the ground the characters walk over to that point).

Fortunately, the right menu also works actually, after investigating the problem a little. I just have to click a little to the left of the button I want to press - so, if I want to choose Keldorn it doesn't work if I click directly on his portrait. If I click approximately on the frame of his portrait though, it works.

I am not sure if this is because the screen protector works this way (i.e. this behavior can't be avoided once you have applied it) or if I have managed to apply it "wrong" (or askew) in some way and that the BG games are especially touchy about this (but the phone appears to be working just as it did before in other programs I've tried).

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