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Beamdogs next game should be a Bithright game (like gorgons alliance) using Bg2 engine for adventure

DeanmonDeanmon Member Posts: 2
edited December 2015 in Off-Topic
Has anyone ever thought of just how awesome this could be made the vast majority of the stuff needed would already be in the BG2 engine bloodline powers would be possible by just modifying the bhaal spawn powers. All they would really need to create would be the domain action engine to go long side the infinity engine. Each realm could have its own mini map like the surrounding area around the gate. If they were really clever they could make it so the lay out of each realm stayed the same for each game but the encounters and people were randomly generated giving each game a unique feel. There would be at least 5 expansion available (one for each of the continents in the original birthright materials). Much of the creation work is already done in the old TSR modules. I think if they took up the idea and did it well the resulting game could easily match games like Skyrim in popularity. I seriously doubt they'd have any trouble acquiring the rights to the basically abandoned birthright franchise and it would breathe real life back into the AD&D computer game industry :) . I've thought about this alot always thought if I ever won the lottery I would hire some hot coders and make it happen :) What do people think can you all see the coolness in my little dream or am I on my own in this?



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