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tolower breaks the new BG1EE Linux Edition

thauthauthauthau Member Posts: 3
edited December 2015 in BG:EE Mods
it's a topic that helped myself in pocket plane group forum
with this you don't need to use tolower command anymore

and i post here my prefered way to solve this issue (there are other in the originals..)

[game location] depend if it's steam or gog version
# ==========
# First open a terminal and then install ciopfs:
sudo apt-get install ciopfs

# Then move to the level above the install directory and create a hidden foilder for ciopfs to use:
cd [game location]
mkdir .BGEE

# Copy the game folder to another hidden folder and then clear it (so ciopfs can mount to it):
cp -r Baldur's\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition/ .oldBGEE
rm -r Baldur's\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition/*
mkdir Baldur's\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition/

# now mount the hidden folder with ciopfs and copy back the original data
ciopfs .BGEE Baldur's\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition
cp -r .oldBGEE/* Baldur's\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition

you should be able to test the game works, then extract your mod files to the "Baldur's\ Gate\ Enhanced\ Edition" folder as normal and install all the mods you want without the need to use tolower before weinstall.

Once you have tested the game runs then there is one more step to make the ciopfs baldurs gate permanent; edit your /etc/fstab file (try the command "sudo gedit /etc/fstab" without quotes) and copy in the following to mount the ciopfs folder to the game directory on login (assuming you have the default steam install).

[game location]/.BGEE [game location]/Baldur's\040Gate\040Enhanced\040Edition\ ciopfs allow_other,default_permissions,use_ino,attr_timeout=0 0 0

source : thehug0naut,29259.0.html

this can be done with BG2EE too

edit : commands

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