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Continuity between BG1 and BG2

LoremasterLoremaster Member Posts: 181
edited September 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)
I don’t know it’s just me, but I am a little bit annoyed by the lack of continuity between the two games. Since no game is out yet, there is no way of knowing if/how the devs address this. If they have, I am looking forward to their solution; if they haven’t, here are some thoughts. How characters are carried over from BG1 to 2 is what bugs me the most. You defeat Sarevok and the next thing that happens is that you and some of your buddies appear locked up in a dungeon. Buddies that were not necessarily part of the group when you killed Sarevok, or never even buddies at all; Jaheira and Khalid need never have joined the party. Why then should they appear in a dungeon with the protagonist?

A simple way to bridge the gap would probably be saying that some time has passed between BG1 and 2, and during that time certain things happened. It works for continuity, but is a solution without any flavor at all. To fill this gap with game stuff, I present some thoughts on how it can be done. I do not believe that a total continuity can easily be accomplished; I just present some suggestions how a better continuity concerning some characters might be achieved with in-game contents. (BGT has done something similar but I haven’t played it and know nothing of how BGT does it.)

OK, here are my thoughts. After defeating Sarevok and looting the bodies of him and his cronies, the protagonist leaves the undercity for further adventures. But first he/she is hailed as hero in Baldur’s Gate. When the protagonist and party leave the undercity they are transported to the Ducal Palace where some ceremony and celebrations takes place. After that, some, none or all party members say good bye to the protagonist, leaving for whatever personal reasons they might have. Those characters found Irenicu’s dungeon remain in the party of cause. Party heads out, but on their way from Baldur’s Gate they are captured by Irenicus and eventually thrown into his dungeon.

Simple enough, but some problems need attention.

First, what if somebody found in Irenicu’s dungeon wasn’t in the party when Sarevok falls? The answer could be that these characters meet up with the protagonist on the way from Baldur’s Gate before Irenicus attacks. In that way there is a reason for them to be in the dungeon.

Second, what about dead characters? The answer is that both Khalid and Dynaheir accompany the protagonist to Irenicus dungeons where they are both found dead. Some remains of Dynaheir should be visible, showing Irenicus killed her.

Third, what if I didn’t dual classed Imoen to mage; then she can’t cast spells at Irenicus when his dungeon crumbles and the Cowled Wizards takes her away? A tricky one, perhaps we should just leave it be; a 100% continuity is hard to get. If Imoen must be dual classed, by contract limitations for example, then we have to accept that. If Imoen could remain a single classed thief (or however she was played in BG1) then my solution is that Imoen is equipped, in a quick item slot, with an unremovable wand she found in Irenicu’s dungeon before opening the protagonist’s cage. She has discovered a bahlspawn power enabling her to use some mage items. Yes, this is a tricky one, if someone has a better solution; speak up.

Fourth, as Edwin and Viconia are joinable characters in both games, I think it would be appropriate for them to accompany the protagonist from Baldur’s Gate. If Edwin was a party member at the end of BG1, he can appear in a cage in Irenicu’s dungeon together with the rest. Can join the party but does not remain for long. He departs as soon as he discovers shadow thieves are behind the attack on the dungeon and seeks them out. If Viconia is a party member at the end of BG1, then the protagonist discover some of her personal belongings in Irenicu’s dungeon, but not in the same area as the protagonist and the others appear. It is apparent she has escaped on her one. If any of them was not in the party when Sarevok falls, he/she joins before Irenicus attacks, see the first issue addressed above.

Fifth, having up to five characters accompanying the protagonist from Baldur’s Gate causes serious conflicts with a multi-player game. In a strict sense none of these five need actually be in-party members. They can tag along in the same sense summoned creatures does. This enables for a multi-player game without conflicts, keeping the proposed continuity intact.

That’s it. Don’t know if these thoughts appeal to anybody, but I hope the devs are able to narrow the gap between BG1 and 2 in some way. If these thoughts can be of some use I am happy.


  • AurenRavidelAurenRavidel Member Posts: 139
    edited September 2012
    I agree with the party not being the same in BG1 and BG2 for some players, but unfortunately the Enhanced Edition can't change certain aspects of the base game. It's not something they're capable of tweaking. I don't believe they can change Imoen's class either, for that matter.

    Check out this thread for more information.
  • bill_zagoudisbill_zagoudis Member Posts: 207
    i'd also like this adressed somehow,if at all possible...
  • CrazedSlayerCrazedSlayer Member Posts: 128
    I dont believe that the rest of your companions were captured at the same time as you. Minsc and Dynaheir were there moderately recently, Jaheira and Khalid were there before that and Imoen was there the longest. Even if you didnt have any of them with you at the end, BG2 at least kinda gives you the chance to be a jerk to them as if you never had them with you for very long. Besides, I think it makes sense for both Viconia and Edwin to have left you to go off and do their own thing.
  • PromilusPromilus Member Posts: 4
    That was already solved in BGT so I don't think there's need to create another storyline's bridge. As for choice of Immy, Jah and Mincs in irenicus dungeon it was developers decision to go with most versatile neutral/good team that allows some early quests to kick in. So u have to rescue immy of course (that wouldn't be possible with e.g. Safana right?), you can romance Jaheira since Khalid is dead (and deal with Harpers etc.) and then many funny things happens if you have Minsc, right? Now I doubt Ajantis would be anny better (and since some old chars are used to do different things in BG2... it would be pointless to allow them join CHARNAME at the very beginning).
  • kilroy_was_herekilroy_was_here Member Posts: 455
    I thought that the intro movie to BG2 did a passable job of introducing the game. Sure the whole 'default party' thing could be kind of awkward, but that schtick was something Bioware liked to use. They were still doing it in DA:A.

    'Oghren, didn't I kill you already'
    'I got better...' (or something like that)
  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 866
    well the continuity could have been fixed if alignments were taken into account. The only thing that makes this party make more sense is the fact that the people that join your party in BG1 only really have an obligation with you until you kill Sarevok. Once that is over, then pretty much everyone can do what they please.

    Imoen staying with you = nuff said. Khalid and Jaheira, stay with you still because they are still you protectors and counsel, even though you've killed Gorion's killer. Dynaheir's mission has much to do with you in actuality, as many people don't know, her reasoning for visiting the sword coast is to find out information on the events of the Bhaalspawn, and staying with the PC is probably the best way to understand those things. Minsc is going to stay with Dynaheir anywhere she goes, so he can fulfill his Dijemma.

    Obviously there might be those NPCs that are somehow indebted to you, like Yeslick or Viconia; however helping you to kill Sarevok might somehow relieve them of those debts, so I don't think there are any alterior motives for any other NPCs to stay with you.

    Of course those are the reasons I kinda looked for... It could just be that those are just the canon characters because Bioware said so lmao;
  • Raistlin82Raistlin82 Member Posts: 254
    Every three days, a thread like this comes out.
    And every time, I find myself to agree with the OP.

    Many ways to fix this have been proposed... and they're all good.
    Please, devs, if you manage to make THE STORY, other than THE GAMEPLAY, work to make us feel like BG and BG2 are one, big, united story... you will succeed in making this masterpiece even more legen - wait for it...
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