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ZafiroZafiro Member Posts: 436
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  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,344
    edited September 2012
    My own experience is this: I've run several games with quite a few mods (current BGT WeiDU log below), though they've been limited to fixes/tweaks/AI changes/exe patching, NPCs, changes to existing spells/items and minor quests. I haven't got any real experience with big overhaul mods like SoS and TDD that add tons of new content and drag the story off in other directions. Most of my games have run very well. Often I get smaller problems that are easy to solve, but that is to be expected. I also often run into the "ambience stutter issue" that I've yet to see any solid solution for other than the workaround to disable certain soundfiles or lower the ambience volume. Never had any unbearable general stutter/slowdown like what you describe.

    With that background, the best advice I have is the following:

    - Use the Big World Project installation instructions manual and follow it for all the mods you want to include and do it step by step.

    - Install everything manually, one component/option at a time.

    - Up your game gradually, i.e. limit the number of mods you've never tried before that you introduce on top of your regular setup with each playthrough.

    - With each mod you install, take some time to check that mod's forum for obvious errors or hotfixes put together by other people than the original creator. It's very common that fixes and updates exist for mods way beyond their latest official version.


  • JarlJarl Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 96
    Have you ever tried Generalized Biffing? Pretty necessary when you install mega-mods like TDD and so on...

  • ZafiroZafiro Member Posts: 436
    edited September 2012
    @Jarl, always.

    Umm..just noticed @Shin's post. Thanks!

  • LugeLuge Member Posts: 90
    I don't have any references to cite, but I seem to remember that the infinity engine had a problem with parties carrying large numbers of items. I too used the BWP, and played all the way almost to ToB last time, but suffered the visual stuttering problem. However, starting a new game with the same setup eliminated the problem.

    In my first game, I kept a lot of items. A LOT. I kept at least one of everthing, because you never know what Cespenar or one of the other artificers would be able to create. I also kept a lot of scrolls (so I could teach them to new mage NPCs) and quest items, sometimes books, and so on. My understanding of the infinity engine is that the game constantly "scans" your inventory for active item scripts. The Cloak of Displacement doesn't just make that fuzzy graphic appear over your character when a chracter puts it on - It appears when the engine sees that it's being worn. And the engine will check again and again every second see that it's still being worn.

    The result is that with three bags of holding, four scroll cases, three quivers and a gem bag or two, the number of items being carried is staggering, and it puts a high load on the engine. The game was only designed to have one bag of holding, scroll case, quiver and gem bag. Experiment with the number of items your party is holding. Cutting down may help a lot.


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