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Mod Request: Wild Mage Camp is time dependent.

PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
So yeah, either a mod request or request on information how to set this up. Neera's questline normally involves a bunch of subquests all across the map, and actually progressing through the quests in the fastest possible order (Camp > Trademeet > Rasaad's Final Area > Bridge District > Camp) means that the camp is instantly attacked as soon as you save the hilariously blue elf, not allowing you to progress in any of the quests and meaning the NPCs die as a result of you... being as quick as possible in helping everyone, rather than taking your time and going through an entire other NPC's questline before finally rescuing Daxus from imminent danger.

This annoys me on so many levels.

So mod goals:

When first visiting wild mage camp, add time limit - Seven days sounds reasonable to me given how long it takes to get there and back.

Rescuing Daxus does not change this timer, if he is not found in the time limit, he dies as his quest was not completed and cannot be found anywhere. Have him appear in the Wild Mage camp with simple "Thanks for the rescue. Token 1000 Exp reward and well done dialogue from quest giver if necessary, remove dialogue option mentioning him to her."

When the timer elapses, Neera's dialogue to check on the wild mages triggers if not in Wild Forest or Hidden Encampment, setting up the abduction plot.

As far as I'm aware, the rest should be fine to go without any further changes, but if this is something someone might do easily, or could suggest how to accomplish I feel it would go a long way to fixing a major, pointless, flaw in the plotline.

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