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BG:IIEE- I need help. (Spoilers)

Hello guys, i'm new to the forums, and i'm not sure if i'm posting in the right section, so please don't be harsh on me.
Before getting to the problem i problem i should say that the game runs smoothly, and i faced only one bug till now which is Edwin doesn't spawn after speaking with the Mae'var, i tried to load a previous save but it didn't work, so i looked in internet and i found a workaround here by using console command to spawn him.
While progressing in the main story, i ran into another similar bug during breaking into the spellhood quest, Jon Irenicus didn't spawn for me after talking with all inmates so i used the console again to spawn him, and everything went well until finishing all trials, now i have to get inmates to help me fight Irenicus, however Irenicus is spawning near me whenever i go to the first floor to recruit the inmates, and say the same things he told me when i used console to spawn him then teleport me to his laboratory to do the test again but nothing happens, i just stay stuck in the tank forever.
So is there anyway to avoid the conversation with him when going to the first floor to recruit the inmates, because i can't kill him alone, he just slaughter us all with one word.


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