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Any custom AI scripts?

MrNoobyMrNooby Member Posts: 131
I've been using some of the AI scripts to decent effect - and on my main character, who is a fighter, I chose the passive script - so that I could control him easily without him constantly attacking things I didn't want him to, while still defending himself if I hadn't yet told him to do something.

The problem however, is that he regularly decides to go attack something else anyway, usually a ranged creature who is attacking him - and he'll go and off that creature despite being told to attack something else - then half way there he will turn around and attack what I originally told him to.

I'm also having problems where I'll tell one of my NPCs to do something, and then when I unpause, the AI script will often override my command which is especially annoying if they're meant to be casting a heal (I'm looking at you Jaheria), or drinking a potion, then deciding just to keep attacking, and letting themselves, or me die.

So are there any custom AI scripts that are a little bit more user-friendly?


  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Yes, I hear that there are modded scripts out there.

    But seriously, the way to get your characters doing what you want them to do is Party AI: Off.

  • MrNoobyMrNooby Member Posts: 131
    I do turn off party AI occasionally, particularly on boss fights, but when I'm fighting a large number of foes at once, I find it easier just to leave it on, and it gives me little trouble. Or sometimes I just forget. The black dragon fight for instance - my strategy was simple enough, I tanked it, cast hardiness, then Jaheria casts heal on me, and by the time she finishes the cast, my HP is fairly low. Then as the cast is about to finish, she decides to stop casting and go back to hitting the dragon despite her weapons being ineffective. And then I died.

  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 86
    edited January 2016
    There's a good simple script available at Spellhold Studios. Good for dealing with mook fights and 'cleaning up'; for harder fights in BG2, scripts often fall short.

    Atweaks and SCS both provide you with options to install simple, clean, solid scripts.

    If you want something more complex I'd recommend giving eSeries from gibberlings3 a try (though I tweak them heavily to strip out most item useage: i NEVER trust a script to use wands of cloudkill and such). SgSeries from Spellhold Studios is similar, but seems a bit buggier and lacks ToB support iirc.

    Avoid bpseries like the plague; it's ... ambitious in scope, intheory similar to eSeries, but executes much much worse in practice.

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