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Is it possible to use EEKeeper to have someone enter your party?

So I am at the Druid Grove and I kicked Edwin out of the party so invite Cernd so he can do his hero thing and forcibly take control of the Grove. Afterwards he asked if I would let him hang around, I told him to piss off and went back outside where both Cernd and Edwin were waiting. I decided that I didn't want Cernd to keep his possessions so I invited him back to the team although he was still in Werewolf form so I could not access his staff. I quick saved moments before his battle so I figured it would probably be quicker to load that save, take his stuff and then have him wolf out for the fight.

After his certain victory, things went awry. I told him to piss off once again and went outside to collect Edwin where I left him (And where he was still patiently waiting prior to the reload) but he was no-where to be seen. Weird. I reloaded a second and third time, repeating that same battle and telling Cernd to piss off each time but Edwin never showed up again. I figured he is an impudent sort and is quite a fan of the Copper Coronet, so maybe he decided he wasn't going to listen to my "Wait here" order and took the long journey to go get himself some ale. However, he is no-where to be found there either. He just seems to have ceased to exist.

Now I like the guy but I'm not going to comb the entire region searching for him. So is there some way of using EEKeeper to do the task for me? Just force him back into my team, wherever he may be?


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