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Fighter/mage dual-class XP cap problem.


I have a dual class figher/mage. Fighter has reached level 25 and mage lvl 20. However, it seems that fighter is stuck with 4250000 XP and although the game shows the next level (26) will be reached at 4500000 XP, I no longer gain experience points by killing monsters/completing quests. Is there any way to reach level 40?

I tried applying "Safe XP cap remover for BG2 Tob" by placing the required files in my override directory but it had no results...

Thanks for the help


  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,087
    If you are a dual-class, the class you dualed from will not be gaining XP after you dual. Not ever again.

    However, judging from your levels I think you mean you're a MULTI-class, which is significantly different. For multi-class, the XP is shared between all classes you are, so the total XP you have is actually much higher. Since the regular XP cap is 8m, I suspect that you simply reached that, as it applies to TOTAL xp and not per-class XP (this is different from IWD:EE where the cap is a per-class level basis, even in multiclass).

    As to why it didn't work even with the XP cap removed, that may simply be due to technical issues. You could have installed the XP cap remover wrong, or it could be that it will only apply to new games, not games already in progress (not familiar with the remover you mentioned). You can try starting a new game and adding a lot of XP via the console/set your XP via EEKeeper, then see if you still get XP from kills; that should eliminate some possibilities. Alternatively, you can try using the BG2Tweaks mod, which has a component to remove the XP cap and comes with a WeiDu installer; I can personally say that one works with the latest version of the EE, as I'm using it.

  • MusignyMusigny Member Posts: 1,017
    You reached the cap : 8M XP.
    Try the cap extension available in BG2tweaks.

  • fkirenicusfkirenicus Member Posts: 331
    edited January 2016
    I think you have to edit both xpcap.2da and startare.2da (and startbp.2da) for the "simple xpcap remover" to work. I got it working by doing that, anyway.
    Make sure you don't mess up starting positions etc. in startare.2da, as it can result in a game that's unplayable (e.g. in a black screen just with sounds).
    Or, as the others say, try the one in BG2Tweaks instead.

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