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[Android][All EE Games] No letters/words appearing when typing to Save Game

Airman1991Airman1991 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 50
edited January 2016 in Troubleshooting
Hello, I am using the newest android release of all three games, I am also in the google + group which allows us to beta test patches when they come out, For BGEE I am version 1.3.2070, For BG2EE I am on Version 1.3.2064 for IWDEE Version 1.4.0, when I attempt to save on my Android Galaxy Tab E, when I go to type in the name of the save, I start typing but no letters or words appear on screen. My tablet still displays letters in other programs however. It is just these apps it has trouble with. I have already attempted to shut down my device, and restart it, but it still won't let me type in the save field. Android version 5.1.1 is currently the one installed on my device. Thanks

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  • Airman1991Airman1991 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 50
    Alright. So I have managed to get it to have words show up but it has to be words I have selected from Predictive Typing on Android after typing a few letters, and then it adds them. If I accidently remove a few letters I have to delete and retype the whole word and then select it via Predictive Typing, to get it to show up. Is there anyone else having this problem. Oh I forgot to mention that the maker of my pad is Samsung. Thanks,

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