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Korgan - Why is he so good?!

I gotta say Korgan is probably one of my favorite NPCs in BG2, he's funny in his own crude way, a shorty, a great tank and he gets insane later on. I'm not even into Throne of Bhaal yet, but look at this THAC0 with a screen cap I just took, this is approaching Xzar levels of insanity:

Crom Faeyr + Grand Mastery, he wrecks everything and has near 50% of total party monster kills (was throwing axes and axes before, of course)

At least my CHARNAME got the killshot on Firkraag. :D



  • AlexDeLargeAlexDeLarge Member Posts: 273
    Make that badboy dual wield for optimal results, mate. Frostreaver (or some +1 APR weapon) offhand until you get Axe of Unyielding, then switch Crom to off. He's the best fighter NPC in the game imo, better than Sarevok due to his kit and shorty saves.

  • Shrake907Shrake907 Member Posts: 38
    @AlexDeLarge I'll keep it in mind, I was just throwing pips into War Hammer because I had Cromwell re-forge that magnificent weapon after collecting all of the pieces, and was doing so in anticipation.

    I'll keep that in mind though, dump pips into Dual Wield.

    I agree, he's hogging all of the glory though, everyone else in the party is both dumbfounded and jealous of his 50% kill share and prowess.

    Mazzy is secretly fawning for him too.

    Heh heh.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,346
    edited January 2016
    Yes now in my game I got my Jaheira and Minsc permanently dead, I had to get Mazzy and Korgan.
    Korgan is amazing with some buffs and good items, like axe of the unyielding, that axe does acid/cold and the other one that does fire damage. Too bad he can't use azuredge.

    I don't like evil npcs much but this is the first time I try Korgan and he is not that bad. Crude and gruesome but not evil sadistic child killer I pictured him to be. Dorn is that real evil wicked sob instead, I think. Korgan's banters with Mazzy is fun, too! It endeared me to his character.
    Korgan and Mazzy are better at surviving too as they get shorty save bonuses. I lost Jaheira to a prismatic spray's disintegration and Minsc to a beholder's ray. A single missed saving throw and they were gone, allng with their powerful equipment. Hopefully Mazzy and Korgan will fare better.

  • Shrake907Shrake907 Member Posts: 38
    @lunar Shorty Saves!

    Dorn was A-Okay in the first game, a little revenge didn't hurt anyone, but his rapid turn to "I WANT TO KILL EVERYTHING BECAUSE I'M AN EEEEEVIL BLACKGUARD" is pretty damn shallow to be honest.

    I agree on the banters, they start off as crude and then get more and more 'soft sided' as each banter triggers. Korgan's a regular Romeo!

    Sadly, that's how it goes sometimes. Instant death spells that cause eradication at least let you try out other party members you otherwise wouldn't.

  • Shrake907Shrake907 Member Posts: 38
    @Nuin That's all very true and good points, but his banters with Mazzy do make him an even more likable character aside from the sense of humor, that's the beauty of these games: Character mannerisms you know are true are cast off to the side and they're given a chance, and you wind up liking the wee hellion.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,346
    edited January 2016
    Nuin said:

    Soft and empathetic is pushing it, he simply has boundaries.
    He will kill you, rape your women, and celebrate over your corpses if someone pays him enough and if he knows he can pull it off, but he respects strength, he has a good (albeit dark) sense of humor and his twisted sense of morality only applies to adults.

    I agree, still, I would rather have Korgan in my team than Dorn. Dorn openly states he has put many men, women AND children to the sword. That is not okay in my own book.

    I also have Keldorn in my team and he is a beast with Carsomyr and that 21 str belt. I improved haste him and the oh so smart scs mages go improved mantle and he just slices dices them nicely. His dispels and true sight are useful too.
    He and Korgan are good frontliners, Keldorn is a specialised force for casters while Korgan is more tanky as I strap him the best shields and make him gulp potions.

    Will they come to blows eventually? They are a good duo in the front line. Mazzy helps them out with the newly found Tugian bow, (found recently cos item randomiser) and with improved haste she gets 10 shots/round! My little righteous machine gun! ^^ her special abilities are a lot useful as well, her heal self skill cures her for a lot, instantly. Remove fear is never a bad thing, either. When push comes to shove she can use her special strength ability and strap dragon shield and go town with Kundane for extra attacks or Cut throat+4 if higher enchantmen is needed. She has good saves being a halfling as well. She is a damn good fighter for a halfling, but don't tell her I said that. :)

    Never got to play with these three npcs before but I find them a lot more useful and powerful than the regular crew Minsc&Jaheira&Aerie. (All perma dead in my game I think a green slime of all things melted Aerie's body off in the sewers.)

  • Shrake907Shrake907 Member Posts: 38
    @lunar I think Keldorn and Korgan respect each other, despite the alignment difference - prolly not gonna come to blows.

    My party choices were a bit unorthodox, because the Keldorn & Viconia fight triggered pretty often, even with 19 Charisma after the CHA tome in BG1.

    Yeah you got quite a nice setup for fighters on your team, nice to change it up some as well with NPCs.

    I think I'll take Valygar and Haer'Dalis when my LP reaches BG2 for a nice change of pace (and challenge I hear, Haerry is pretty squishy).

  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 638
    I loved Kagain in BG1 and love Korgan in BG2. There is nothing like a dwarf tank to bust (or cut?) heads! He is my Halfling assassin's bodyguard and thuggish muscle.

  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 638
    I also find Dorn...disturbing I guess is the right word...

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,346
    Oh I got a nice banter with Keldorn about Korgan, that despite his crudeness he found his prowess in combat useful.

    Too bad Korgan got petrified in the Hell trials by a beholder in my game. And then died while a statue, but left his corpse and loot behind, which was strange, maybe a bug. Anyway that is partly my fault as I have edited all flesh to stone spells and petrfying beholder rays to use a save vs petrification. This save category is never used otherwise. Korgan being a dwarf is excellent in save vs spells, but not so great against petrfy/polymorph. If only he wore Neera's belt that gives +5 bonus to save vs petrfy/polymorph and that witch amulet that gives +4 or 5 vs it, too.

    Okay, did all the hell trials, now about to face Irenicus. One man down. Conveniently this means I can take Sarevok right at the start of the ToB.

  • Shrake907Shrake907 Member Posts: 38
    @lunar Ouch, poor Korgan! Interesting bug, and yeah Adoy's Belt and that Amulet would've been nice, but whodda thunk you were gonna get petrified?

    Just for kicks, I took a screenshot of Korgan's share of the blood spilling:

    One greedy, useful Dwarf.

  • kansasbarbariankansasbarbarian Member Posts: 156
    Korgan does rock. I definitely take him all the time even in my "good" parties.

  • Shrake907Shrake907 Member Posts: 38
    For sure, just be careful who ya pick, he bullies some!

  • NuinNuin Member Posts: 400
    He's actually more interesting if you take him in non-evil parties, as long as it doesn't have Aerie in it.

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Korgan is incredible during most of the game but I feel he loses a bit of his strenght in ToB because he can be destroyed by a fair amount of enemies in melee (Fire Giants for example).

  • biffyclangerbiffyclanger Member Posts: 207
    Helm of Balduran actually makes him look fierce, others, not so much.

  • biffyclangerbiffyclanger Member Posts: 207
    btw I see some potential party conflict there, be careful!

  • Shrake907Shrake907 Member Posts: 38
    edited January 2016
    @biffyclanger Haha yeah, I know Keldorn and Viconia are in there and will come to blows, I just invested too much exp in the both of them before I realized they actually fight to the death. [Cue that Star Trek Original Series song], so I keep them in the party. If it happens, I'll just reload and it's all good again.

    I like Vicky too much, and Keldorn has Carsomyr plus that -1 plate from the Underdark + some other good equipment. Gotta keep em, even if they don't agree with each other!

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,087
    @Shrake907 The BGTweaks mod has an option you can install to stop party members from killing each other or running away because of some other member (they'll still bitch, though). Might be a convenient option if you plan on doing this regularly.

  • Shrake907Shrake907 Member Posts: 38
    @Lord_Tansheron Alright, thanks for the pointers!

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