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Icewind Dale EE is choosing my onboard video automatically

Hi, New here. Just a quick question. Running this game on my Lenovo y50. After installing the game and going into graphics options in game, I see the game chose my intel 4600 onboard graphics card. I have an nvidia geforce gtx 960m in this laptop as well. I wanted to know if the game allows me to choose my video card. Is it a setting in the game files or is this something I would need to contact Lenovo on. Thanks. Hope that is clear. If you need more on my laptop, please let me know.


  • FierceTreeFierceTree Member Posts: 2
    I figured out how to change the setting in my nvidia control panel. Open Nvidia Panel -> Manage 3D settings -> Global Settings Tab -> Change "Preferred Graphics Processor" from 'Auto-Select' to 'High Performance NVIDIA'.

    Then click 'Set PhysX Configuration' -> open the dropdown to select processor and change 'Auto-Select' to your GPU.

    Just wanted to share, how it was done.

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