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[BGII:EE] tapping on android 5mm shifted

AardwolfAardwolf Member Posts: 4
edited January 2016 in Troubleshooting

On android on a nexus 6p with bgii:ee 1.3.2064, tapping has effect 5mm to the right of where you touched. This makes it hard to select character portraits, inventory items, ...

I see it mentioned in multiple play store reviews too.

Rotating screen 180 deg does not help, exactly same behaviour.

This makes the game very frustrating. Anyone know a workaround?

Please fix. Thank you!


  • Niss_MachineNiss_Machine Member Posts: 1
    I have a similar issue on a Pixel C, but I'd say that the tapping is off vertically for me rather than horizontal as you're describing (same thing though). When I first started the app I didn't notice until it seemed like the "next" and "back" options at the bottom of the screen weren't working. Realized after a bit that it was registering my tap as happening about 5mm below where I was actually touching the screen. This may be more pronounced at the bottom of the display, or may vary with the screen being displayed as I had no issue pushing the "buy" button to grab Neera and Hexxat. Definitely happens during the actual game all over the screen as far as I can tell. I'll probably get used to it after a while but it's very annoying. I tried turning off "interface scaling" but that didn't seem to have any effect.

    Note I'd just finished BG:EE on the same tablet and did not have the same problem. This is specific to BG2:EE on Android (specifically, latest Lolipop on Pixel C tablet). Related to the 1:sqrt(2) aspect ratio perhaps? Although that doesn't explain the issue on the 6P... might be related to the rediculously high resolution of the screen maybe?

    Only workaround I've found is getting used to the offset while tapping, but it's pretty annoying to be sure.

    Here's hoping this is on the radar and is an easy fix. I'll play it regardless as I'm addicted but would be lovely to see this resolved. Going to look in the bugs forum and see if that isn't the place to file something like this.

  • AardwolfAardwolf Member Posts: 4
    edited February 2016
    I found it's related to android's soft menu buttons. If they are present (only when keyboard is there, eg for save game), the screen is normal. During gameplay the android menu is not there and baldurs fullscreen stretches a bit. But it still registers touch at the unstretched location. So I still have the problem, it's broken during gameplay.

    There seem to be two ways that the android soft menu can be displayed during bgii: transparent overlay and opaque. Im talking about the opaque way.

    It's clearly a bug. Please fix compatibility with newer android. Thanks!

  • T2avT2av Member Posts: 202
    I have the same issue..:(.

  • floyd1579floyd1579 Member Posts: 1
    Has anybody come up with a fix I have a pixel c I never got to finish the first game a decade ago driving me crazy

  • BollywoodHeroBollywoodHero Member Posts: 89
    A fix for this is described here. In summary, you need an app that will force your device into immersive mode, like GMD Immersive.

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