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Finding a 'lost' character...


I'm playing through Chapter 6 at the moment, and would like a cleric to join my (Lawful / Neutral) party, in time for the Graveyard District battles that are coming up.

Anomen was in my party until Imoen was taken by Irenicus. I then swapped Valygar for Anomen because I wanted someone who could hide in shadows and backstab.

Thing is, I have no idea where Anomen is now. I've checked the Copper Coronet and he's not there.

I did complete his quest. His father's at the Delryn estate saying how disgusted he is with his son.

But there's no sign of Anomen.

It's possible that when I split from him, I told him to stay where he was, rather than allowing him to return to the Copper Coronet.

Is there any way to 'ask' the console where an NPC is?

I'm playing on Mac OS X via Steam, so don't have ShadowKeeper available to make easy edits.

I have enabled the console, though.

I know I could summon Anomen [CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("anomen10")]

But he arrives with the same dialogue he had the first time I met him, and I'm worried summoning him like this may break some flags necessary for later in the game.

Viconia isn't an option.

I'm a hero ;)

Thank you.


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