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DukeGrDukeGr Member Posts: 40
edited September 2012 in Ελληνικά
Kalos orisate sto ellhniko section.

Paides psaxnoume atoma na voithisoun me thn ellhniki metafrasi. Einai psilodyskola ta keimena opws mallon exete dei kai ingame, paizoun gyro stis 25000 grammes pou theloun metafrasi.

Opoios endiaferete exei plhrofories edwΕλληνική-Ομάδα-Μετάφρασης-Πληροφορίες-Συμμετοχής#latest

Ante kai baldurs gate ala ellhnika na goustaroume perissotero ;p


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