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[Android BG2:EE] Anyone up for Multiplayer?

VileDespiseVileDespise Member Posts: 17
I'd love to try the Multiplayer feature out, however all the joinable games either have passwords or the hosts are idle. I'm wondering if anyone would like to start a new game in Multiplayer? I've been dying to try it out!


  • Adi82Adi82 Member Posts: 3
    Yeah im down. I want to find somebody to play BG2 through to the end of ToB with. Im typically around all day Monday, Wednesday and Friday MST.
  • AtelasAtelas Member Posts: 1
    I'D like to join u.... I' m pretty up in bg2 evrey day :smiley:
  • VileDespiseVileDespise Member Posts: 17
    edited February 2016
    If you'd like to play add me on (Skype: viledespise1) so we can set something up. I'm looking for a serious dedicated group. We don't have to play everyday but I'd like to put in some decent time on the days we do play. I'm looking to start up today. I just got off work so I'm available.
  • Adi82Adi82 Member Posts: 3
    Vile, I don't have Skype but im gonna go make a game right now. Gonna call it "Carnivore Game", feel free to come and join up we will go from there. Just got out of Irenicus dungeon but we can start over again and play some characters that will support each other well.
  • VileDespiseVileDespise Member Posts: 17
    Sounds good! Give me a moment and I'll join you, I've got to run up to the store.
  • VileDespiseVileDespise Member Posts: 17
    I'm attempting to join your game, it's not allowing me.
  • Adi82Adi82 Member Posts: 3
    Hmm, not sure why. How about you try and make a game.
    Ill look to join yours.
  • VileDespiseVileDespise Member Posts: 17
    Alright, the game name will be "Vile SoA Playthrough" look forward to seeing you.
  • VileDespiseVileDespise Member Posts: 17
    If anyone is still interested I'm still looking for people to play Multiplayer with, skill level doesn't matter. It's not very difficult to pick up. Drop me a line on here or Skype if you'd still like to play.
  • KalaxisKalaxis Member Posts: 8
    Hey I'd like to join your game if it's still available:) I'm a Conjurer:)
  • AewyrvenAewyrven Member Posts: 228
    I'm game. I can roll fresh or import. Class doesn't bother me though I do play more evil and chaotic aligned players.

    Imports would be a lvl 16ish black guard (Chao evil) and a 13/13 neutral evil cleric mage multiclass.

    Don't worry. I don't evil kill everything on site. I call that "stupid evil".

    I can roll fresh as well if you want. Let me know what ya need.

    Play time for me is gmt-7 timezone in the am on weekdays, touchy on weekends. (Like 8am to 10 Am ish if you're north American.
  • XzanahXzanah Member Posts: 145
    edited May 2016
    I'm usually on at around 7am to 10pm PST on weekends, and 4pm to 10pm on weekdays, with long breaks between (usually I will get up and do something else for 10 mins to 3 hrs, so I'm not too reliable). I cheat a lot though, so if you don't want a cheatsy game, don't let me join. Im fine with people joining me, as long as they don't throw a fit about how unfair it is to cheat... Its quite annoying, frankly.
  • LooxLoox Member Posts: 18
    I'd absolutely love to join as well. I too can start a new a needed character or import. I have the time to devote. I've never played before the last 6 months where I've been completely addicted. I've also gotten pretty good as I've learned each class' abilities and spells. Would love run to the end with you guys.
  • Grinnjow_AzraelGrinnjow_Azrael Member Posts: 4
    If anyone is still playing I'd love to get a full squad going, hit me up on here or leave comment, I'm North America, mountain time, usually play everyday in the evening.
  • ClauthClauth Member Posts: 8
    Grinnjow those people propably are set or stopped..Post is 6 months old but i want to play with you if you are a comment below if you are in for it
  • Grinnjow_AzraelGrinnjow_Azrael Member Posts: 4
    Absolutely dude, I'm down.
  • ClauthClauth Member Posts: 8
    if you are down now i l go in and mage a game for EE 2 With your name..
  • ClauthClauth Member Posts: 8
    make *
  • Grinnjow_AzraelGrinnjow_Azrael Member Posts: 4
    At work, I usually play from around 4pm to 10pm mountain time
  • ClauthClauth Member Posts: 8
    where do you live?
  • Grinnjow_AzraelGrinnjow_Azrael Member Posts: 4
    edited August 2016
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  • AewyrvenAewyrven Member Posts: 228
    edited August 2016
    Im playing through. Insane level. Blackguard. I have the keep unlocked and am stockpiling things so if u want to take what I've aquired to use feel free, I also have a chest set aside for things players leave behind as they come and go if you want to power up (I don't use it).

    I only drag the quest npc along so it's mostly solo/player group.

    Game is open when I'm playing, I only ask that you don't use mod chars.

    Slavers: clear
    D'arnise: clear
    Trademeet minus rasaad: clear
    Bridge dist: tanner quest cleared
    Arcane casting in streets: unlocked.
    Daystar: aquired.

    Current: cult of eyeless/grabbing gaxx ring for myself.

    Game name: happy fun Bhaal

    Playtime: somewhere in the PST timezone of Canada. I'm in bc and my gf is cutting into my play time if you get my drift *wink*

    Export import ur chars. Join as u want. Just no hax pls.

    Edit: i'll update clears as I do them.
  • AewyrvenAewyrven Member Posts: 228
    edited September 2016
    Sorry. Life happens. I've had grim join a few times as well as a few others.

    I wanted to get past chapt 2 to where the real fun begins. (My games seem to glitch out at spell hold for some dumb reason and I have to restart)

    Anyhoo. Been multiplying with my own grup setup and dragging viconia along for the romance.

    I've completed chapter 2 now so I will be opening my game up.

    I currently have all classes filled to cover everything and am mid level (14 multi class, highest is a 22 blackguard)

    Mage strongholds unlocked. I'm going to go complete a few graveyard quests (red pattern and teddybear) then open it. Everything else major is done.

    Gear is stockpiled. I will e siding with Bohdi. This is an evil aligned group.

    I will remove my own chars to accommodate people if they want.

    I've made a separate save so people can take the choice of shadow thieves or Bohdi in it. I will also complete myself to spell hold using Bohdi to the island then resave. From this point on it will basically be a dual save.

    Current group make up:
    Helf cler/mage
    Human blackguard
    Helf ftr/druid
    Horc cleric/thief

    Gear is stored in planar sphere so we start from there then no divergent save until I get back to athkatla. (MPlayer and my own progress)

    Join if ya want. "Happy fun bhaal"

    Playtime : random PST.

    No hax chars please.
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