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Gem Bags, Scroll Case, Pot Bag, and Gold; will they be empty / stolen on an import from BG?

I have just leveled a Wizard Slayer named Fafrd. He hates wizards and likes Greywand his huge sword. However, he has gotten many spoils from his Swords Versus Wizardry. So:

Will the Gem Bag, Scroll case, and Potion bag be EMPTY upon import.

And will any gold you acquired be striped from your purse and leave beggarly or perhaps murderous of rich? Or is there a cap - say no coinage over 10 grand will import?

I assume you will keep physical objects on your person as well...

It would be a bit of a game breaker if you arrived in a town the 1st day ala BG 2 and could go ahead and purchase the most powerful weapons and armor in the game like a Ribal Partemes weapon shop in the strarting area after the mini dungeon.

So what all imports?


  • BeowulfBeowulf Member Posts: 236
    If the gem bag scroll has question has been answered please link the post as I did not see as answer. Anyone know what my party gets to keep?
  • KilivitzKilivitz Member Posts: 1,459
    I imagine the Import Game function will be identical to Throne of Bhaal's: your inventory and gold are untouched, including containers and whatever they hold. Characters below a certain minimum XP get bumped up.

    This is all speculation of course. The only official word we've got on gold was a reply by either Phillip Daigle or Andrew Foley (can't remember which now) implying that you might want to spend your money before starting the expansion.
  • BeowulfBeowulf Member Posts: 236
    Oh thanks for the info! So, I am getting the idea to spend all my gold on precious gems and magic jewelry and then liquidate all the rest of my gold into light weight assets like protection of magic scrolls which I can then resell later. This is so important to the anal retentive gamer. I must tightly squeeze together my cheeks and stuff my mouth full of expensive potions. I think I am going to have to buy back that extra full plate I thought was unneeded. - with this in mind I recommend you all buy back your diamonds and Liters's Tear 5000 gold necklaces.

    Cheers I need to go in game and purchase
  • DurenasDurenas Member Posts: 505
    My runs that I plan to go into SoD with, I intend to keep all the high value gems and other lightweight stuff I find, without selling any of it. I think that's all the concession I will make toward diversifying my assets. Maybe I'll buy a lot of wands.
  • BeowulfBeowulf Member Posts: 236
    Righto Amberion! This is a topic of greatest import to anyone like me or Kagan. I concur with the wand purchase- a useful item you can sell or attack with at a more opportune moment. I would further recommend stacking gems like diamonds and Emeralds. I advise unleashing the original suicide bombers (or are they sort of a exploding firebirds and not suicide prone?) and let them dispatch that fat greedy blood money gem hoarder in Nashkel after you have done all the bounties with him. You can collect the twin gems from his burnt carcass. Of course in real life I only rarely approached burnt out vehicles in the sands - and even then only got a stray hat that I found in a bunker complex that I think was a UAE army guy's loss from forgetfulness not fatality.

    I still am not quite positive to the exact degree gem bags, scroll cases, and potion bags are empty or removed from your inventory or not when you import from BG1 to SoD? Does anyone know for certain if they import full?

    It would enrage and madden me to a huge degree if I imported into the starting area and found my bags and cases had been removed. In fact I think I would be unable to restrain Tiax would would end up town killing everyone in the starting area and then I have to play the rest of the game with a terrible reputation until I could find a temple to donate at.

  • DurenasDurenas Member Posts: 505
    SoD is an expansion to BG:EE much like TOB is to BG2:EE. It would seem to me that any items will remain intact and unchanged. You will likely keep all your money and items, and characters will remain the same. You MIGHT lose any items that imoen has if she is force removed from your party(as she is rumored to be). They'll probably do something like force unequip her and distribute her stuff through the party.
  • BeowulfBeowulf Member Posts: 236
    oh right I recall a bunch of stuff just dropped on the ground displaced from one area to the other in TOB at the start so you did not lose it. That is really great. I guess for continuation of the narrative the protagonist (or anti-hero) must be shorn from the woolly fat huggable hobbit Tiax so he can be picked up on the street raving and put into a home for the healing of the deranged. This is really bitter for me and one day I will even down load one of those add ons so you can get Tiax to join you in BG 2.

    As to the gold I think you could be wrong as some guy in another thread said it may get taken from you.
  • DurenasDurenas Member Posts: 505
    Indeed any loot that drops during the Ilasera fight will transfer to the abyssal stronghold because you literally transition as soon as you kill her.
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