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level mod

10Bazza1110Bazza11 Member Posts: 169
Can I get a level mod for baulders gate on my Samsung galaxy 6


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,409
    What do you mean by level mod? New levels and adventures? There are mods for that, and modding is doable on tablets.

    Or you mean a character editor that you can use to increase levels of your characters? There is eekeeper usable on pc, and if you connect your tablet to pc and transfer your save games you can edit your characters there and transfer back.

  • 10Bazza1110Bazza11 Member Posts: 169
    Hi thanks for the reply. My character in BGEE is at max level cleric 8/ thief 9 and I am only halfway through. I would just like my character to keep advancing levels as I play the game, and then I will move on to BG2EE

  • ThelsThels Member Posts: 1,350
    @10Bazza11 Baldur's Gate 1 has an XP cap at 161k. When you hit that, you no longer gain XP.

    What you want to do is remove the XP cap. The following thread has an XP cap remover that only requires you to put files in your override folder, so I think that should be possible for you to do, if you can access your tablet from your PC. Just place them in the override folder of your tablet.

    Note that I have never personally used the above mod, nor do I have the game on a tablet, so I'm not 100% sure this works.

  • 10Bazza1110Bazza11 Member Posts: 169
    Thanks for this I will give it a try. However I might not be able to do it for this character. I am stuck on the island at ulgolth beard and my cleric thief can't use any of the weapons to kill the greater werewolf.

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