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Giving Jaheira IWD spells - does it work?

BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,640
Hello, I've been playing IWD a lot lately, and I've started really salivating over the idea of a BG Jaheira who can cast those spells.

I'm thinking of trying to install @CamDawg 's IWDification mod. What is the state of the stability of that mod nowadays? Also, my favorite IWD third level druid spell is Giant Insect, which requires another mod, Infinity Animations, to use. What about the giant beetle stunning cloud ability? Does that work in BG with the mods?

I would really like to get the IWD druid spells working in BG, including Giant Insect, but I am concerned about game glitches and bugs ("beetle bugs", haha) that could be introduced with these mods, especially with 2.0 coming out.

Is IWDification expected to be compatible with 2.0 and SoD, or are all mods going to need updating? What about Infinity Animations? Is the author of that mod still supporting it? Could it cause crashes in 2.0? Is anyone having crashes trying to use this mod combination in 1.3?


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