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Big Cheese party

MeaixMeaix Member Posts: 1
I played the original BG way back when it first came out and enjoyed immensely. I didn't play all of the subsequent content so I decided to buy the new content, added some mods so that I could really cheese it up and try out the new class kits that weren't available back when I played it. I used multiplayer to create my own party and went with a Berserker (which I will eventually dual to a cleric for an ultra self-buffing tank), a Kensai (which I will dual to a mage), an Archer, and a Wild Mage (mostly because I want to see some of these crazier wild surge effects like a cow falling out of the sky). Overall, it has been pure cheese fun and I'm just hitting level 5. I know it's not a challenge, but I have a pretty stressful job and I'm not looking for any heavy tactics when I get home at night. Maybe when I get to the new content that I haven't seen before, I'll dial down the cheese and start playing legitimately but for now it's loads of fun!

So my question for everyone is what is the biggest cheese party that you have made using mods and the multiplayer option?

Also I am using EE Keeper to play around with my PC's and I would like to try some crazier cheese stuff like give my archer full on thieving abilities but I haven't been able to do that. From what I have read, there are certain things that are hardcoded into the game and can't be messed with and thief abilities can only be changed for thieves and bards--everyone else when you change the #'s in EE Keeper they just reset to 0.


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