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Middle-column sounds should be enabled for playback (2DA Soundset)

This applies to BGEE and BG2EE.

Steps for easy proof
1. This step is just to make it audibly clear. Edit "MDSW.2DA" like this:

ATTACK jaheir02 jaheir10 jaheir03 ATTACK 2 2 2
(The audio files belong to Jaheira's soundset, so your ears cannot miss them.)

2. Start the game with any pregenerated character.
3. Summon a dancing sword with CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("sword01").
4. Order the sword to attack you.

Only jaheir02.wav and jaheir03.wav are randomly played back upon the sword's attack; jaheir10 ("For the fallen!") is never played back.

The middle column in the 2DA soundset is ignored by the game executable.

The player should hear all three sounds: jaheir02, jaheir10 and jaheir03 at random, not just jaheir02 and jaheir03.

The above applies to all the other soundset entries.

This is fixed by TobEx core component for the original BG2.

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