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Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition walkthrough playing Cleric/Ranger for SoD

James_MJames_M Member Posts: 126
Good day! Ladies and Gentlemen, please see my updated BGEE walkthrough here, now with Siege of Dragonspear (June 2016) walkthrough (main quest, not too many side quests):

The party played is Imoen, Jaheira & Khalid, Minsc and Coran / Dynaheir in anticipation of Siege of Dragonspear. When hearing of the expansion, I decided to switch Coran out for Dynaheir for story continuity.

The Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition walkthrough was written playing Cleric/Ranger with Good/Neutral-aligned companions only, dual classing Imoen to a mage at thief level 3. It's non-completionist, though, exception being Baldur's Gate. Durlag’s Tower walkthrough and Tales of the Sword Coast walkthrough are present and complete, having finally played them in EE.

In this play through, the Neera, Rasaad and Dorn quests are completed, but only as part-time party members.

A more true Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition walkthrough, with Neera and Rasaad as full time party members, is here:

Lastly, see here for a Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition walkthrough updated for EE 1.3 playing Cleric/Ranger as protagonist, with party members Jaheira, Minsc, Keldorn, Aerie and Jan -> Imoen. Neera, Rasaad, Hexxat and most other NPC's are rotated in to do their quests.

Included is a Jaheira romance walkthrough in high detail, and going for Chapter 4 asap (so Imoen gets plenty of xp's).

My walkthroughs can be found at and at
To download, Scribd might insist on making you pay to sign-up. does not, and you can log-on using these credentials and then download for free:"

User: jamesm80
Pass: slideshare


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