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Start new game with Mage or Sorcerer ?

Hey everyone.

I thought of starting a new game with canon party with my PC being a Mage or Sorcerer, is this a good idea because I'm asking this because it would seem the party would later have 3 mages (Me, Dynaheir and Imoen DC-ed at level 6), will the game be difficult like this or should I change part or my PC to something else ?

And I don't know which to choose between Mage and Sorcerer, is there alot of difference between them (except the spell memorization) and are both strong enough for both the BG1 and 2 ?

Thanks in forward.


  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    edited March 2016
    Spellcasters are a bit weak in BG1 early game, though the lv1 Sleep spell is absolutely devastating early-game. The power of spellcasters also depends on how you play. If you play with no Rest restrictions, then spellcasters are extremely powerful because they can go into every fight with their whole arsenal of spells. If you play with self-imposed limited Rest rules like me, then low level mages/sorcs have a very limited pool of spells to use and have to rely on their comrades to carry them through fights when they've run out.

    Generally speaking Sorcs and Mages are both classic examples of the "linear warrior quadratic wizards" phenomenon. i.e. they are weaker in the early game compared to warriors, but by endgame they become exponentially more powerful.

    As for Sorcs vs Mages. Both are very very strong. Mages have greater strategic flexibility (assuming not specialised) because they can prepare any spell to deal with any circumstance, assuming you are sufficient level and can obtain the scroll. Sorcs have greater tactical flexibility because they don't need to prepare specific spells and can draw upon their entire arsenal of spells to use however they wish. In general Sorcs have more spells to cast than Mages and are considered slightly stronger than a mage. But as I said, a lot depends on how you play, and both are very powerful Bhaalspawn choices.

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  • DevardKrownDevardKrown Member Posts: 421
    Mages/Sorcerer in BG 2 are the Powerhouses , since resting can nearly be done everywhere anytime you don't have any problems what so ever to refresh your spells.

    Sorcerer are Great , Most Spells to use and super flexible , only real downside is some spells that are great in the start like Armor/Shield , become obsolete once you get the better versions (Ghost armor) so by picking them you screw yourself on a spell, or not picking them you screw yourself on early convenience.

    Since you already got Dynaheir and later Imoen , and mages don't really Kick off the first few Levels would i consider to Dual-Class

    every Dual-class option enhances your mage , and the only real downside is 1 less spell per Spell level (which you only really notice in the end game end SoA and in ToB with them lvl 8-9 spells) and the Medium-Long Dual Time until you reactivate your first Class.

    My favorite Examples for BG1 are

    -Swashbuckler6/ mage-

    i love this one it only needs 20k xp for the Thief. and 60k for the Mage putting you right at half of the XP cap , and you don't even miss out a single max level for Mages in BG1

    giving you full lockpicking/findtrap of 100 , serving you all bg1-tob without a hitch
    12 extra HP
    Better weapon choices (with 1 hit 2 dmg then you slap points in them)
    Able to wear a Buckler for extra AC
    2 AC

    -(Berserker) Fighter7/ Mage-

    This one is a great Melee Powerhouse and a target for all the mage Self buffs even if you just decide to use a Range weapon the free weapon choice and more beefiness alone are great.
    (other will throw Dual levels 9/13 at you for multiple reasons but the lvl 7 version is the only becoming his lvls in BG1 back and still good enough)

    42 more HP + everything you get from High constitution (instead of being capped at +2 per level)
    able to Grandmaster a Single Weapon

    Downside you lose one max mage level in BG1 and only get your fighter Levels back at almost xp cap

    -Cleric 7/mage-

    this one gives you a ton of Useful lvl1-4 Cleric spells who are not that bound to casterlevel for their effect (with 18 start wisdom and the 3 books even more !)
    28 HP
    you get some weapons and lose some

    Downside same as the Fighter you lose one max mage level in BG1 and only get your cleric Levels back at almost xp cap

    these are just some examples for BG1 Dual class characters but in my opinion they all Beat a Pureclass Mage

  • PhilhelmPhilhelm Member Posts: 473
    People have beat the game series with only one Mage, so having three Mages plus three other NPCs shouldn't be too much of a problem.

  • bbgun21bbgun21 Member Posts: 16
    Okay I went in with the Mage and I need help to see should I change my abilities because this is how they look like.

    STR: 14
    DEX: 18
    CON: 16
    INT: 18
    WIS: 15
    CHA: 10

    I don't know should I have gone with 18 wisdom at the start of the game (and later boost it to 21 with 3 Tomes of Wisdom) , but because I just started the game I can change the these abilities to whichever ones would be best because I just only battled versus 2 assassins in Candlekeep so it would be fair if I made a mistake here.

    I only put 14 points in strength (not sure if it was even worth it) because the guide at here said to have it at 14 to avoid some carrying problems:'s_Gate:_Races_and_Stats

    Any suggestions on what to change ?


  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 1,083
    More wisdom for lore and wish spells instead of str as you play with a party. You could also steal one point Con for that because of the Tome.

    Personally I prefer mage due to higher loot satisfaction by spell scrolls. So good choice.

  • ElendarElendar Member Posts: 831
    If you don't know the spells very well than you should go with a mage instead of a sorcerer.. However you probably shouldn't choose a plain vanilla mage but should choose a specialization as it gives you an extra spell slot per level. Conjurer is preferable for newer players as the only important spell you really lose is True Sight which can easily be covered by another character.

  • DetroitRedWings25DetroitRedWings25 Member Posts: 241
    Like others have said it really depends on playstyle. I personally had a lot more fun with Sorcerer (Dragon Disciple to be exact) However I strongly suggest you look at some guides if you do pick Sorcerer because you can potentially screw yourself with poor spell choices.

  • MirageMirage Member Posts: 81
    edited March 2016
    Hey @bbgun21!

    I love the arcane classes and is really hard for me to pick a pc not relative with arcane magic.
    You may already have started your game but I will give you my piece of advice anyway.

    Follow @Elendar 's advice! :smile:
    Sorcerer is very versatile which is very good as easier to play, but you have to know the spells to pick the ones that suit you and ofc avoid some of them at all costs.

    I would suggest a wild mage for you, since it is not a no reload run! You will have access to all spells and an extra spell per level just as specialists. Plus with wild surges you will have much fun! Don't worry if you don't understand the whole system, just enjoy!

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