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Android and iOS ETA / Status??

Cr4zyJCr4zyJ Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 208
Hi, its me again, long time no see.

I saw the live stream today and it cut out on my phone when the mobile platform was being discussed

Can anyone comment on the status of 2.0, the SoD mobile development status, or a release date for either android or iOS?


  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    There is no confirmed release date for iOS and Android other than "soon". There was never an intent to release iOS, Android or Mac App Store on the same release date as Steam and Beamdog clients (And GoG now apparently).

    However no one has forgotten about iOS, Android or Mac App Store...that work is in progress and will be done as soon as we can get it done. You haven't missed anything! :smile:

  • Cr4zyJCr4zyJ Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 208
    @Illydth thank you for the quick response. While playing on a computer is great the mobile experience has been a real treat. I've used GemRB on android but it doesn't compare to the EE releases. In short, it's underrated.

    If people want, I could change the name of the thread and we could use this to ask questions and get updates on mobile development of SoD and the 2.0 update.

  • CloutierCloutier Member Posts: 210
    The MacOs version is available from Beamdog and Steam.

    Technically the app is ready to fly, it should only be a matter of receiving approval from Apple.

    As for iOS and Android, it may be possible that the code is not final yet.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Again, the focus has been on the Steam, GoG and Beamdog release methods as those are the big three we try to manage. The other release methods require a bit more approval work, and given that there are usually some early bugs we squash pretty quickly, it's better to hold the release of the "approval" platforms so we don't have to go through the process multiple times.

    We're working on getting the mobile out as soon as we can and is feasable in our release schedule. :)

    Trust me, it's my preferred platform for play as well. :smile:

  • Vestan_PanceVestan_Pance Member Posts: 5
    Any news on the update for mobile platforms?

  • Luke93Luke93 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 799
    edited March 2017

    Any news on the update for mobile platforms?

    They're now focusing on a new project which will be revealed "soon", so there is not a release date for SoD on mobile platforms at the moment.....
    I do hope this new game will be released simultaneously for desktop and mobile platforms......
    Unfortunately, we know almost nothing about Beamdog's future plans :/ .......

  • GreenWarlockGreenWarlock Member Posts: 1,235
    edited March 2017
    I'm going to gamble and make a prediction - Beamdog's focus once the new game is out will be on support and iterating quick patches on the new game, and the BG series will have to wait its turn again, along with IWD. It will feel rough for those of us still waiting (im)patiently to get the 2.x series of patches, but it entirely appropriate for the new customer base.

  • WesboiWesboi Member Posts: 403
    Just make your own fixes like most of us have done already. It's pretty easy to do and lots of tutorials on modding the game. I know it's not an ideal solution but chances are you'll probably abandon the game long before its updated.

  • GreenWarlockGreenWarlock Member Posts: 1,235
    Unfortunately, I'm not aware of modders rolling out fixes for broken program code that crashes the game on area transitions unless we mute the sound. Without access to the source code, or reverse engineering in a way that violates most license agreements, that is probably not possible. Rather, I will wait for the patch that was released to other Mac users almost 12 months ago, when Beamdog are good and ready, and in the meantime play in silence. Beamdog have shown that, given time, they will get round to releasing their patches to our platform, we are simply a low priority, after the yet-to-be-completed iOS 64-bit ports and Android updates, sometime after the new game is stable (and I suspect probably after IWD 2.x)

    That said, I have a strong preference for running the game un-modded anyway, and hope the next macOS release does not break the game even further (as I am not expecting the patch to release before then).

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 9,048
    Wesboi said:

    Just make your own fixes like most of us have done already. It's pretty easy to do and lots of tutorials on modding the game.

    ^^^ (did not read thread title before posting in thread) :lol:

  • WesboiWesboi Member Posts: 403
    @GreenWarlock you can actually run SoD on tablets via crossover app so u can easily run steam on Intel based chipset android devices. Something no one else seems to actually do here.

  • GreenWarlockGreenWarlock Member Posts: 1,235
    @Wesboi of course, in addition to hacking Steam to work on a specific tablet that I don't own, that also means buying a second copy of the game, as I did not buy through Steam. I know it is frustrating that folks keep complaining that we are waiting for patches (specifically, already released patches) to arrive on our platform - but not as frustrating as waiting for the patches themselves. Luckily, the game is stable and playable now with the 1.3 patch (unlike the 1.2 version of BG2EE, which took 15 months to provide a patch) so I am happy to wait, although it is frustrating to continually avoid spoilers for the game expansion I cannot yet play.

  • oldguyoldguy Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 21
    #BGSOD to tablet soon.

    This is what I have been waiting for, great news.

  • Cr4zyJCr4zyJ Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 208
    Hello again!

    It's been almost exactly a year and I see my thread has come back from the dead and so will I for this post while I am still patiently waiting for an release along with all of you.

    I'm very glad to see ps:torment get the EE treatment as I am both a supporter of beamdog and InXile. I find the timing of both their releases to be great in that they happen to be so close together. Though, I assume it's more happenstance than planning. After all, with tides of numera having a 4 year development cycle I'm just going to table most of my suspicions because that's a big moving target to try and hit.

    Anyway, I'm still a big champion for the mobile platform. Please get both to me. It's been a joy to play all of them and I basically have lost interest in playing BG on the PC because they've been such a joy to have.

    I still have a bg1 playthrough ready and waiting!

    And seriously... What does the word "soon" mean in the gaming industry anymore!?

    Answer: Valve Time (Go Google it...)

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