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Collectors edition digital sound track

I remember hearing on the stream that the collectors edition would come with the digital copy of the sound track upon release. Is that still a thing. I do see the collectors edition version of the game in the Beamdog client, but it's still only listed as being 58B in size. Is this intended? If so, any idea when the sound track will be available for download and if it already is, how do we get it. Unless of course I was hearing things and that's completely not the case.



  • EnialusMeliamneEnialusMeliamne Member Posts: 399
    edited April 2016
    I'm wondering the same thing, as I logged in to my account and for the life of me could not find the download for the music (I also looked in SOD folders on my Mac). I bought the set just below the collectors edition (Digital Deluxe). I intend to go to bed listening to the sound track, if I can find the files/download.

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