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Failure to Launch

Beamdog is making me lose faith in humanity. With the high quality low cost scalable web services available today there is no reason for a game launch to have the issues SoD has experienced. I started downloading yesterday shortly after release, expecting some slow performance but thinking it would be done by the time I got off work SEVEN HOURS LATER. Boy was I wrong. The client had locked up after downloading less than 10% of the game. It locked up three more times before it got to 25%. By some miracle it did not lock up over night last night, however, even after running for 12 straight hours it has still not managed to download a measly 3.7 GB game. When I woke up it was running at <100 b/s (not kb/s, and yes, I have p2p turned on).

Beamdog, you need to get your act together. I regret purchasing the game directly from you because if I had purchased on Steam or through another source I would have been able to play SoD by now. I appreciate what you do and I want to support you but you make it difficult when you don't have the resources necessary to handle distribution of your products. I hope SoD is worth the wait.

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