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Item shadow/transparency issue in the inventory screen

First of all, I have some mixed feelings about the UI changes and specially concerned about all the bugs the expansion brought to Baldur's Gate: EE. I was expecting the translation problems and some minor things, but... However, I'm sure that the development team will eventually solve all the major problems. At least, as a purchaser, I trust them because they love this game as much as fans do.

In order to provide some help, I'd like to point a graphic issue, unreported I presume (I didn't find anything about this) inside the inventory screen that makes some item shadows opaque, looking funny. This is very annoying for me, to be honest, even without affecting gameplay at all. It happens something similar with some electric effects (like when you attack using Ashideena +2), showing some kind of black blur around.

Here's a picture related to this problem:

Thanks for your time!

PS: Taking in account the larger width of wide and ultrawide screens (in my case I use a LG monitor with a resolution of 2560x1080), it would be awesome to have some flexibility in order to display the character interface, like showing more spells, or keeping all the thief habilities in sight when dual/multiclassing (thief/cleric for instance)


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