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How to mod fire sprites (burning effect) out of the game? They drop my FPS horribly

GayLussacGayLussac Member Posts: 3
Basically thread title. Is there any way to easily remove the fire sprites that appear when an enemy is hit by a fire spell?

I'm playing on an intel chipset and the game generally runs smooth as butter. Only exceptions is on the new map zoomout animation (which I can live with), the new character sprite outlines (which I can turn off) and whenever an enemy gets hit by a fire spell.

With the latter, the game slows down immensely and stutters out of control up until the burning effect completely dissipates from the screen.

It's not the spell effect itself, because when I cast a fireball or flamebreath, and it hits nobody, the game keeps running smoothly. Not to mention I can clog up the screen with grease, entangle and a bunch of other effects and the game doesn't seem to drop a single frame. It's only with the burning sprite.

This has been reported before, but, unlike this guy, I don't just drop to 20 fps:

In my case, the stuttering is so strong that my game gets completely disrupted for a few seconds (probably the same bug, but my hardware is just overall worse than his). Any help greatly appreciated.


  • GayLussacGayLussac Member Posts: 3
    Well, after a lot of research it seem that Near Infinity is the tool for the job. It lets me visualize all the animations (.BAM files), but I can't figure out exactly which one plays out when a character gets burned or whether I can just tinker/delete it or if that will break my game. Help?

  • GayLussacGayLussac Member Posts: 3
    edited April 2016

    After a lot of tinkering, I managed to find the sprite (.BAM) used for acid damage and traced it back to the .2da file for damage types. From there it was just a matter of editing the .2da (basically a text file) by putting an asterisk in place of the burning sprite name in the field for the secondary .BAM for fire damage (as the asterisk was used for damage types with no visual effects like piercing, slashing and so on).

    Tested it in game and it ran like butter. I'll miss the little burning sprites, but now I can finally use my Dragon Disciple's flame breath without taking a 5 second downtime in playing. Feeling like a modding god right now :D

    Oh, as a bonus, if anyone can figure out why on earth would sprite outlines (the new "black borders" on character models) make my game drop to 5 fps, I'll give you a cookie. And another one if you can figure why the map sometimes lags when zooming out (new animation).

  • Ragnar_the_RedRagnar_the_Red Member Posts: 1
    I know this is over a year old but I'm having the same problem, I was wondering if you could let me know the name of the file you edited? I'm very new to all this file editing stuff so I'm having a hard time of it.

  • hero5401hero5401 Member Posts: 1
    I came with that problem too. Your comment isn't complete but most helpful thing in the web about this problem. I fix it by doing same thing.

    -download NearInfinity and put the jar file game dic
    -click and search for fire.bam
    -click on first fire effect (fire.bam or smthg like that)
    -click find references and search for 2da only.
    -there is dmgtyps.2da click it and put * instead of fire animations
    -save and close

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