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How To Remove Healthbars?

I liked Baldur's Gate better without healthbars. How do I disable? I've checked the graphics options and I don't think it's there.


  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    If you go to the options-->gameplay screen there is a list of boxes you can check off. If the square is colored red, then the feature is on. Make sure the box next to "show healthbars" is dark. You may have to scroll down to see it at some point.
  • typo_tillytypo_tilly Member Posts: 5,700
    It's in Graphics at the bottom of the Display Options list. :) "Show Health Bars"
  • KarthosKarthos Member Posts: 5
    You guys are right, I didn't know I could scroll down. Thank you.
  • BelegCuthalionBelegCuthalion Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 453
    Must. Have. Better. Ui. Layout. In. Options ...
  • DizavidDizavid Member Posts: 7
    Well, four years late but worth mentioning: that doesn't exist on Switch version. It seems such a small thing but it honestly drives me bugshit knowing they CAN be changed to numeric on every other version but for some reason BD thought Switch users didn't deserve the numeric? This is annoying bc I'm at 28 health... that's nowhere near enough to begin needing to show via percentage (essentially what a health bar does) than by exact number.
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