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When can I receive patch for version 2.1?

I don't care what the suck gamergate, I pay the money , I get the fun and I continue my adventure in Blair's Gate

I hope Beamdog can introduce V2.1 to fix bug such like difficulty setting issue , V2.x to offer better multiplay experience,

Of course , if possible please consider BG2-EE expansion pack , I can pay for it ,

Some fucking people just pay 20 bucks ,why I have to listen their ridiculous complaints , if only 20 buck will hurt them , it's not worth to waste my time to concern what they think,

You don't complain the regal grab the social resources , you find the trouble for small game studio?

I just want to pay the money and get tons of fun from enhanced edition , if you got lots of angry and complaints for some politic or other shit reason , please find your boss and wife to complain it ,



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