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Contingency issue...

It's stuck.... I can't recast it and constantly shows on the char portrait and record page.... mobile version ... and isn't bugged to constantly go off or anything funky like that. Any thoughts?


  • Jaheiras_WitnessJaheiras_Witness Member Posts: 474
    Can you elaborate? It sounds like you already have a contingency in place given that it shows on the portrait and record and you cannot cast it again. Do you recall what contingency you set? You will need to trigger it before you can recast another.

    Another option (don't know if this one works but might be worth trying): hit your PC with an Arrow of Dispelling or Carsomyr/Staff of Magi if you have them. Those effects dispel everything on the character and *might* get rid of the contingency (if they do, the icon should disappear).

  • DurenasDurenas Member Posts: 503
    It should be possible to right click the contingency in your spellbook to remove it... or it was in the base game. Is that not possible now?

  • PteranPteran Member Posts: 388
    @Jaheiras_Witness unfortunately (in this circumstance) contingencies cannot be dispelled.

    I'd suggest trying what @Amberion said. You'll either need to remove it yourself (her idea should work), or have the contingency activate. Do you remember what you set?

  • AewyrvenAewyrven Member Posts: 188
    edited April 2016
    Was set for cast on 25% or 50% I believe, stoneskin. Fired the first time around but didn't clear after. It's stuck on the portrait and record page. Attempting to recast tells me I cannot cast while one is active. It does not recast upon rest and hitting the markers again.

    Haven't gotten magi staff yet but I have had Edwin try fire off a multiple peirce magic and breech spells at me to no luck while nekkd.

    I cannot do right clicks as this is mobile version (unless one can then please tell me how).

    Kinda sucks but I'm usually popping ss anyways so meh. Still be nice to have it as a backup.

  • AewyrvenAewyrven Member Posts: 188
    edited April 2016
    Woah wait.... I'm seeing this....

    Tap "contigency" it shows:

    I thought it was a one shot deal then recast contingency (taking 2 rests).....

    So does this mean it will always cast if I have it avail? (Set it for on enemy sight being most obvious?) But will fail to cast if I precast and only have 1 memorized before fight?

    That's new if true... or at least I don't remember that...

  • AewyrvenAewyrven Member Posts: 188
    Gonna have Edwin blast at me and see. I don't remember this.... I always remembered contingency being a 1 off.....

  • AewyrvenAewyrven Member Posts: 188
    edited April 2016
    Attempt 1. Edwin and viconia take me to 3/4 health. Nothing occurred. Had stoneskin avail as a spell.

    Attempt 2: force cleared the contingency. Rest. Reset at 25% stoneskin. Rehit with Edwin and viconia. Contingency went off without it being available for normal cast. Re-rest.

    Contingency showing on portrait and record. No changes aside from rest. Repeat damage. . Doesn't fire. Doesn't clear.

    Seems it is a 1 off but doesn't clear after it triggers. Have to manually clear from spellbook and do the double rest to make it work.

    Droid version.

  • PteranPteran Member Posts: 388
    So if I'm understanding this correctly, you used the Contingency once already, and it fired like normal. WIthout casting Contingency again to refresh it, you've got another one with a Stoneskin set to fire at 25% HP?

    That seems like a rather handy bug lol. It should've gone away after it activated the first time.

  • AewyrvenAewyrven Member Posts: 188
    edited April 2016

    Cast it. Set 25% fired like it should. Did not clear from record page or portrait after firing (like it should as a 1 off)

    The icons stay but it doesn't recast again when you hit 25%.

    You also cannot simply recast contingency to renew or override (errors as you have on active already).

    You must go into the spellbook. Tap contingency. Tap clear. Recast the spell and reset conditions. (Double rest). So it's kinda bugged. It should clear off without needing to cancel with the spellbook after firing but doesn't. The effect itself happening cancels but you can't recast the spell until you manually delete it from the spellbook page.

    Edit: heck even that isn't working properly now.... somethings wonky with this.

  • PteranPteran Member Posts: 388
    Well that's decidedly less cool, and not working as intended. I'm not sure what would be causing the bug or how to fix it though =/

    Did you have any issues with it previously? If it was working fine before, did you change anything (install mods, update to 2.0, etc.)?

  • AewyrvenAewyrven Member Posts: 188
    edited April 2016
    I refuse to use mods.

    I can if I want find a way around the using it on a galaxy s5 but I don't. I'm trying to play this pure.

    I can't nail it down but I am finding unless I force cancel the contingency it stays in effect but doesn't trigger. I cannot simply recast it without the error about a contingency being active.

    I had Edwinn and viconia blast me to try trigger it. Edwin mm via flamesstrike while nekkd.

    Sometimes it fires off others it doesn't. Only ever on initial cast. Never on casts after.

    I have to go in and cancel it. sometimes it triggers instantly others it never does

    Does not seem to matter if u have a spare ss or not. Seems random.

  • AerethielAerethiel Member Posts: 17
    Playing two years later and it seems this issue was not fixed.. :-/.

    I casted two spell trigger, they show up on my spellbook, but it seems I can't cast them from the main interface... And they can't dispel as well.

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