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[v2.0] Story Mode Carry Over with Safana

Sylvus_MoonbowSylvus_Moonbow Member Posts: 1,047
edited April 2016 in The Road to v2.0
Story Mode effects are carried over if it is on during the initial catacombs exploration with Safana, even if Story Mode is disabled there after and before meeting her.

To plow through the catacombs a second time, I used Story Mode. It remained on until arriving at the Grand Duke's Estate, in which it was disabled and returned to Core Rules.

Upon meeting Safana and having her rejoin the party, she herself is in Story Mode despite being off in the options and Core Rules selected.

EDIT: For future reference for others. This is fixed by enabling Story Mode for everyone once Safana has joined, then disabling Story Mode. It will clear Safana from the previous effects.

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