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EEKeeper and Inquisitor Dispel question

This is a quick and somewhat silly question, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. If I add an innate Dispel Magic to a character using EEKeeper -- say, to Mazzy -- will it scale like an Inquisitor's dispel (casting at double the character's level)? Will it scale at all with the character's level, like an ordinary dispel does? Is there a way to tell with EEKeeper whether I'm adding an Inquisitor dispel or an ordinary dispel?


  • PteranPteran Member Posts: 388
    If you look to the right under the column "Resource" it typically says where it comes from. I'm at work and can't look it up right now, but it very likely says something like "Inquisitor Dispel Magic" in that column.

    And yes, it should function and level just like on a regular Inquisitor.
  • DurenasDurenas Member Posts: 505
    Keldorn's innate dispel magic is SPCL231
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