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[Mod Idea] Craftmaster/Techsmith of Gond, doable?

ElDiabloElDiablo Member Posts: 36
I have lately been thinking of trying to start modding a npc for bg2ee. i have long been thinking of a good story for an old character of mine in BG2, A half orc Priest of Gond. I think a neutral priest would be a very useful addition in many parties and think gond's faith is both very interesting, practical and fun. I also think given the Gondar affinity for mechanisms and gears he could fill the role of lick picker and trap springer that nearly every party needs.

The thing is then how would i work this in. The easy solution would be to make him a multiclass cleric/thief however i don't know how in-character this would be. Gondar aren't all that sneaky or subtle by trade and half orcs usually aren't either. So i was considering if i, as a complete noobie modder, could design a new priest kit for this character or if such is far far from a beginners abilities.

My idea for the kit are a few the simplest being a priest kit that grant the use of the Knock and Detect Traps spells as they level up.
More advanced a idea would be a priest kit that actually gains skill in Pick locks and find traps as they level up similar to how a ranger slowly get's points in hide and move silently. as a negative i was thinking they would lose the ability to Turn undead and maybe the ability to use shields or an offhand weapon. (IC reasoning would be that Gondar would need a free hand for their tools and don't really have the 'holy or unholy' zeal to ward of the undead.)

Can anyone enlighten me how difficult this would be to make? and does anyone else have any ideas or feedback on this mod idea? Do you think anyone would even want such a character in their game?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

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