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NPC Quests - spoillers please

Hi. Does every NPC has his/her personal quest? If not - which one does? When (where) do they start?

Any help?



  • aleks922aleks922 Member Posts: 30
    I've got quests from Neera and Khalid. They started pretty quickly once they joined my party. Beware the quest from Neera! She will ask for certain items, which will be troublesome to obtain if you already passed through levels where those items were supposed to be.
    Glint wasn't in my party, so I didn't get any quests from him. However, I encountered a certain character later in the game and released her from captivity. I believe she mentioned Glint, so that might be his quest.
    Also, M'Khiin wasn't in my party, but I had an option to build an armor specially suited for her.

    I believe that those NPCs that are in your party (and have quests) will certainly give you their quests sooner or later. As long as they are following you, of course.

    Safana will bug you constantly (if your character is male I believe), and at some point ask for a gift. You will then have to find her any precious gem.
    I've heard nothing from Voghiln. I hear that he is a romance option for female characters, so there might be a quest regarding that. He's been a party member for quite some time already for me, but no mentions of a quest.
    Same thing for Jaheira.

    Dorn, Baeloth, Edwin and Viconia are not my cup of tea, so I don't know anything about them.
    Rasaad hints that he might have a quest, but he wasn't too long in my party.
    Corwin was constantly in my party, but beside some random chatter, no quest from her. Maybe if you pursue her romance?

  • EscarcheEscarche Member Posts: 60
    edited April 2016
    I don't belive M'Khiin has a real quest, but you can find a pile of junk in
    a cave guarded by the ghost dragon
    , where she can either take robes and staff or axe and armor.

    Glint quest is about finding his relatives, there are three of them and rather hard to miss.

    Corwin.. well, only thing I can think of is talking to her Ex in
    Dragonspear Castle

    Baeloth, Viconia didn't have their own quests. Edwin and Rasaad probably don't have too.

    Safana gives a quest, but even if you don't have her in party
    in the camp, where are armies of Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep and whatever was third

    Dorn wants to kill someone! You'll know as fast as you'll find him.

    If you have Dynaheir and Minsc in the party, you can talk to
    their "friends" from Rashemen.
    There's probably a quest there.

    Aleks922 told you about Khalid and who else is there.. a Secret Companion doesn't have quest too! I think that's all of them.

  • anathema83anathema83 Member Posts: 27
    Secret Companion ??? who is he/she?

  • DetectiveMittensDetectiveMittens Member Posts: 235

    Secret Companion ??? who is he/she?

    That's why they are a secret ;)

  • EscarcheEscarche Member Posts: 60
    edited April 2016
    @anathema83 You'll know if you will see him/her :D

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