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Can't start Siege of Dragonspear after starting Baldur's Gate game


I bought Baldur's Gate and BG:Siege of Dragonspear. When I started the game it gave me the option to start either game. I decided to start a BG game as it's been a while since I played it. Now when I start it no longer gives me the option to play Siege of Dragonspear, just to continue or start a new BG game. Is it supposed to be this way? I thought I'd have the option to start either at any time. Thanks.. KL


  • IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 877
    Just below the menu buttons iirc there are icons. Select the appropriate icons to switch between BG, SoD, and BP.
  • Ghost322Ghost322 Member Posts: 7
    edited April 2016
    Thank you. I never looked at those.

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  • MarkLopiccolaMarkLopiccola Member Posts: 4
    Where exactly is this at? I am seeing nothing but the main BG and Pits add on.
  • LoveViconiaLoveViconia Member Posts: 196
    There is one for BG and one for Sod, if you can only see the BG and the pit icon it means the SoD icon is already picked.
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