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My BG EE-ToB Legacy of Bhaal + SCS playthrough

comebackhomecomebackhome Member Posts: 254
This is a modded play-through of BGEE - Legacy of Bhaal mode. The mods used in this run are in order; Spell revisions, Item revisions, SCS and Tweaks Anthology. Planning on going right through until the end to Throne of Bhaal.

My custom party insists of;

Sunswords - Dwarven Defender/Mage (Axe,flail, morningstar and shield tanking)
Comebackhome - Beserker/Priest of Lathander (dual Warhammers)
Dragoth - Barbarian/Druid (specializing in two handed Halberds)
CBH - Bountyhunter (trap cheese)
Nighthawk - Archer (specializing in crossbows)
Mage Assassin - Mage/Assassin (specializing in darts + poison weapon)

This custom party was made possible with EE Keeper, note that all classes except one are multi-classed for maximum difficulty.


Thanks for watching, and enjoy :)

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