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BG2:EE Steam 'NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS' when speaking to Bodhi in Chapter 6

dotsdots Member Posts: 37
See screenshot. I'm getting a 'no valid replies' bug when confronting Bodhi in the Graveyard in Chapter 6. This happens every time with all dialogue options. I am able to walk past her, head into the crypts, and advance the plot.

Worth noting: I was romancing Dorn and killed both Ur-Gothoz and Azothet. Kicking him out of the party allowed the scene to proceed as intended.

I'm playing the Steam version of the game, v2.1.63.2. No mods, the console is not enabled, and I haven't otherwise mucked with the game files.


  • QueynosQueynos Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 127
    I think they might have changed something to Bodhi dialogue relating to romance in the last update as I have a similar problem. I'm playing with the Nathaniel mod and Bodhi dialog is wonky, she tells me that I will follow her to reclaim something dear to me which she only say if you have a romance but doesn't abduct Nathaniel, even though all the relevant globals are at the supposed values.

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