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Edwin and Projected Image bug/2.0 annoyance

OrangemooseOrangemoose Member Posts: 83
So as it turns out for some reason Edwin's images don't get the benefit from his amulet which means his image loses two spells from every level, which in itself isn't a big deal because he gets 3 bonus spells a level which is absolutely insane anyway.
My problem with him losing the spells is that the patch for 2.0 has changed how you memorize spells.
Now the spells are automatically assigned their positions in your memorized spells based on some pre-determined order, maybe alphabetical I don't know I didn't check, but that means you can't choose which spells to give the Image. So I'm wondering, but haven't checked, if this is the case with Simulacrum and all casters.
Do you just lose out on the last few spells when the clone's level is brought down?
Is there a way to go back to the old system in that you decide which order the spells are memorized manually?
And why was this change even made in the first place?

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