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BG2 Chapter 5 hang on in+game cutscene

EarXEarX Member Posts: 4
edited April 2016 in Troubleshooting
So, I've been happily playing BG2 right up until the whole dragon egg quest. I've just put some fake eggs in the Lolth(?) treasury and am back at Phaere's, ready to give her either the other set of fake eggs or the real ones. Problem is, once I give her either set of eggs and the dialogue finishes the HUD fades out like there's an in-game cutscene starting up but nothing else happens. Everybody just stands around stretching and stuff and the game never progresses. Something obviously went wrong at this point, a variable that got set that shouldn't have or something. I have the solaufein mod installed so maybe that's causing it I dunno. I'd really rather not go back to an earlier save just to have the same bug happen all over again though so does anyone know a way, through the debug console or a savegame editor, to get this quest to just skip to the next step like it should?

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