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Steam Workshop.

RushAndAPushRushAndAPush Member Posts: 25
edited September 2012 in Off-Topic
If Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition does get distributed on Steam, what are the modders and fans opinions on the Steam workshop? Would you guys embrace this Modding API, or do you prefer modding the game by hand?

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  • RazorRazor Member Posts: 435
    I've agreed with you for one reason: Steam workshop is fantastic.

    But it's very unlikely because, if I understood correctly, Baldurs Gate will first be released @Beamdog. But don't worry because from what I've read the Overhaul Team are working to make BG:EE very Mod friendly and may even have something of sorts (workshop).

  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,419
    If my only option for BG:EE is Steam or any other DRM-enabled platform, I'm afraid I won't be purchasing it.

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738
    Yeah, that's the major problem with DRM today. Its far more punishing to honest consumers than it is to pirates.

  • William_ImmWilliam_Imm Member Posts: 72
    edited June 2012
    What @powerfulally is saying is sooooo true:

    An example: Buying Street Fighter IV on Steam vs pirating it (same is true for any GfWL game offered on Steam)

    1. Purchase game.
    2. Wait for it to fully download.
    3. Wait a little bit for it to start.
    4. Screen that give a product key? I just close it. Game starts up fine, with a little box with that same product key
    5. Press Start - and you are hit with a GfWL screen. I have to register for another service? Whatever, I enter the product key and give my Hotmail login info as my ID. It works fine.
    6. GFWL has a update - I have to install it. I wait for the update to complete
    7. (repeat ad nausem for every update GFWL has - seriously, just make one)
    8. Finally able to play the game.

    1. Find link on public or private tracker site.
    2. Download using torrent client.
    3. Extract and install.
    4. When the GFWL screen shows up, press the home key.
    5. You can play now.

    I'm sure you can see the easier method already.

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  • RazorRazor Member Posts: 435
    edited June 2012
    @William_Imm Well yes that is true for any GFWL game, GFWL has so many problems... I agree with you. But I wouldn't trade VAC and Steam on my CSS for DRM free, The best for me is both a DRM free and another (in Steam if possible - It really makes our and developers live easier with updates and stuff)
    Ps. Maybe you shouldnt be so explicit about "pirating" it may be against the forum rules.

  • powerfulallypowerfulally Member Posts: 261
    CD Keys are good, simple and not irritating solution. Unless of course it's a kind of CD key like in Bioshock, which has limited number of product activations (but I'm sure it's not the case here ;)). No matter how strong the protection is people will, unfortunately, pirate it anyway, and I'm sure that more sophisticated protection is costly and harder/more time consuming to implement.

  • RazorRazor Member Posts: 435
    edited June 2012
    @TrentOster Congratulations on your 10 comments badge! :D
    And back on GFWL: if you play GTA4 and you format you'll lose all your saves unless you use some "tricks"...
    I expect a Beamdog release honestly, though Steam would be great too. Oh and GOG if it's DRM free since it's their policy I think.

  • CadrosCadros Member Posts: 253
    @TrentOster I cannot agree more with how terrible GFWL is/was, I fought so long to play dawn of war 2 :,(

  • RazimirRazimir Member Posts: 7
    edited March 2013
    I use steam a lot and i didnt get any problem with that. Thanks to steam i found BG:EE... I know sometime is good to have case but when i got too many cases i had to get rid of them.

    In case of BG:EE i found game, dl it and was able to play it in few minutes.....
    Dont know why got problem with that.

    If someone feels punished by using this, so be it... Life is about how do you feel. So you are free to feel being punished. Your choice, not mine.....

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