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Dragon Age: Origins - Custom Morrigan Sound Set + Portrait

StorytellerStoryteller Member Posts: 35
edited May 2016 in General Modding
So I had an idea for an evil female mage with plenty of sass to go through the Baldur's Gate Trilogy, and the archetype I kept going back to in my mind was none other than Morrigan. So I figure why not her? Of course I'll probably take a different name to keep immersion for the story (but then again, maybe not). Thus I set about scouring the Internet for a perfect portrait.

That was when I realized that so much of the character is lost without Claudia Black's amazing vocal performance, and I just had to go the whole hog. So I spent around seven hours going through over 180 minutes of 2-10 second clips of Morrigan's sound files to find the perfect clips for each piece of a custom sound set that has quickly become my favorite. The recording is high quality and blends perfectly with the other voices in game.

Then I figured, why put in all that work only to enjoy it to myself? Surely someone out there might benefit?

The sound set is 99% complete and should be fully functional with both BG1 and 2, missing only a third Battle Cry (which frankly I figured was unnecessary), so you can use this voice for any female character with a bit of snark about her. There is a decidedly dark bent to any character using this voice, or at least a dark sense of humor, so it probably shines best with evil characters.


Battle Cry - "You are a fool!"
Becoming Leader - "Follow me then, if it pleases you."
Tired - "And, suddenly, I grow very weary."
Bored - "Well, let's get on with it before the ground opens up and swallows us, yes?"
Badly Wounded - "Oh, slay it! And quickly!"
Selected 1 - "What do you wish of me?"
Selected 2 - "What do you want?"
Selected 3 - "Is there something specific?"
Acknowledgement 1 - "Indeed."
Acknowledgement 2 - "A most practical opinion."
Acknowledgement 3 - "Have it your way."
Being Hit - *Grunt*
Dying - "Don't be a fool...I am already lost."
In Forest - "If the wilds have taught me anything, 'tis this: first, you must survive."
In City - "There are things about human society that has always puzzled me; such as the touching! Why all the touching for a simple greeting?"
In Dungeon - "Is it true, then, that given enough time the prisoner will learn to love the cell?"
Daytime - "I am no frail flower wilting at the first heat!"
Nighttime - "Oooh, you fear barbarians will swoop down upon you?"
Acknowledgement 4 - "Do not speak to me of trivialities."
Acknowledgement 5 - "Mmm."
Acknowledgement 6 - "Yes?"
Acknowledgement 7 - "Beg pardon, then, while I jump for joy."
Reaction to Party Member Death - "I trust I am supposed to be SHOCKED and DISMAYED...don't make me laugh."
Rare Select 1 - "Your desire?"
Rare Select 2 - *Sigh* "Yes. Here I am."
Critical Hit Given - *Hysterical laughter*
Critical Miss - *Snort* "Are you truly serious?"
Target Immune - "Ugh, you are determined to be tiresome aren't you?"
Inventory Full - "Possibly, if I had the desire to. I do not."
Successfully Picked Pocket - "Hmm. Child's play."
Successfully Hid in Shadows - "Do I appear a stalking predator ready to leap upon her find? There is no reason to fear me."
Spell Disrupted - "Was I hurt? What manner of simpering weakling do you take me for?"
Set a Trap - "If you had a notion to learn such a skill for yourself, sadly, you must remain disappointed."
Battle Cry 2 - "Good, kill it, and then we can be off."
Selected 6 - "Would it not be easier to simply poke at me with a stick?"
Acknowledgement 8 - "Typical."


Unpack the Sound Set using WinRAR, then copy and paste the files to:

C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition/lang/en_US/sounds

During character creation, choose Custom4 for your voice.



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