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Uxthurirl: The Platinum Brotherhood of Sharn, City of Towers (3.5 Eberron)

The Draconic "Uxthurirl" literally translates to Platinum Comrades, which I as DM thought was a better name but my players liked the sound of The Platinum Brotherhood better. :D

The first artwork is them at the very beginning of the campaign:

The second one is basically near the beginning of the second to last arc of the campaign (which lasted 3+ years!), so some characters have left or died and been replaced, a couple were added as friends heard of the legendary campaign and scrambled to join (it was 7-8 players strong for most of it, at one point 10, which was really unwieldy for me as DM but still loads of fun):

I had bigger artworks that let you see a bit more detail but they seemed to be over the upload limit 'cause they kept failing! :'(


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    Flail crying in the second group shot always gets me.

    Technically the second one is a bit of a pastiche, since Thokk actually died super early on, so it's sort of a symbolic Flail holding Thokk kinda thing, since they were besties and I thought it would be cool for everyone to go "oh yeah, Thokk!" since Thokk's player left within the first year of the campaign and another friend (the one with the old dude Karrnathi colonel in black skeleton armour) joined in his place, so people kind of forgot about the Grief of Flail that happened when Thokk was taken below -10 HP by some cultists under Sharn in the early days until I whipped out the posters I made up for everyone (which was a surprise, I didn't tell them our friend was making the art at all until I handed out their posters, they were over the moon about it).
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