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Umar and Kaelet (stupid quest) - Spoiler Alert

kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,680
In Underground RIver i just made this quest and i have to say: What an amount of bullshit!!

Sorry devs, it's no disrespect meant, but i have to say that alould.

Anyone that read a bit of drow lore would see how unreal that quest was, anyone that read some drow novels (as me) become immediatly spechless with that amount of bullshit. In this quest drows were taken as a neighbors culture as if they're humans with point ears and dark skin.

A noble drow can't be with the servant whom she love because her family wish someone better... that's... i can't say the word without offense to someone, so let's just say that's the most crap quest in Siege of Dragonspear.

Just to say what would happen in circunstances like that:

1° - The noble female in the matriarchal society of drows would simply request the intimate services of the servant and that possible love would start with lust and desire. Pretty normal and acceptable for drows. They would laught at the notion of chastity.

That young female would give the servant male influence, giving him a leverage among others of his class (male drow servants) what would probally making the loved male a target and a dead corpse unless he can take care of himself as that's the true of drow society.

Problem solved and no reason for them to go to the upper underdark.

2° - If that love became more than passion and self satisfaction, the issue would eventually be taken to the matron mother of that drow house, when she would evaluate if: (i) can i profit of that sentiment to better control that daughter? (ii) Can that emotion create problems for me in the future?

If the first question is positive, she would use the link to manipulate the noble daughter (she or any sister that take notice of the relationship) and if the second answer is the positive one, she would either kill the male or, if he's valuable, take measures to break the relationship.

3° - A drow raiding party would NEVER talk with surfaces, specially if battle has already begun, to do that they would need to be outmached, with no chances of victory or escape.

4° - The vision of viconia, a renegate drow priest that renounced Lolth would make everything go to the space and those drows would surelly press the attack to kill viconia. "Fuck the noble female, there's a sworn enemy of the spider queen in my sight", that would be the feeling.

5° - this quest is a bad attempt to copy Solaufein and Phaere history of BG2.

6° - Even by surface standarts the quest feels like a bad worked joke.

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  • WitchfinderWitchfinder Member Posts: 21
    Yeah well, this quest combined with Slug's quest was pretty weird for me. I killed the drow party but the two young ones didn't mind. I freed Slug. When I go back outside to the ogre camp, all those three NPCs are there standing next to each other. Slug is hostile from the very beginning. The two drow are not, but turn hostile within a second of seeing me. I can start talking to them if I'm fast enough, then they say some kind stuff and then turn hostile. I have no idea what I've done to make them all hostile. I did kill everything on the surface though, including Slug's mate I'm sure. No guide warns about messing that up, though. And I don't know why the drow would be hostile. Maybe they just got that feeling, standing next to Slug.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,299
    Except that there are tons of exemptions to the standard drow behaviour in Faerun. Drizzt being the highest profile. But there's even Viconia from the same series, you'd think the Matron would have kiiled her on the spot for blasphemy.

    If there was never any way for any Drow to get away with divergent behaviour, Drizzt, Viconia, and however many worshippers of Ellistraee or Vaerun(?) would never exist. The society is oppressive and toxic, not airtight.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 890
    Yeah, there could have been other factors at play with that quest that we're not aware of. Perhaps Kaelet's Matron Mother had plans to marry her to another scion of a noble house, but getting rid of her would be problematic (she might have other daughters, but they're either not suitable or too valuable to lose for a simple marriage of alliance).

    Likewise, it's worth noting that the drow do not have an unreasoning hatred of all surfacers. They WILL attack and kill daarthir (surface elves) on sight, barring exceptional circumstances, and any party of surface adventurers that encounters a drow patrol in the Underdark will be attacked and enslaved if they do not look like they can defend themselves, but if a group of surfacers looks seasoned (read: dangerous), the drow are not above treating them civilly, if not politely (they ARE still surface scum, after all ;) ). Non-drow visitors are even welcomed in some of the larger, more cosmopolitan cities, but such visitors would always have to be sufficiently deferential and/or obsequious in their conduct, and be on the alert for treachery at all times. In the Chaotic Evil society of the drow, the "law" (such as it is) protects you only as long as the other party does not have the strength to simply take what they want.

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