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iOS Spell Targeting

Newby here. Playing iPad. Having trouble targeting spells. I will select a spell for my NPC druid and place the spell glyph on the character card on the right side of the screen then target an enemy by touching their red circle take the game off pause and she proceeds to run up the enemy and melee attack. Any iOS iPad tips for better targeting with NPC's in battle mode?


  • mf2112mf2112 Member, Moderator Posts: 1,919
    Android tablet, but should be the same. Assuming you mean it is an attack spell, when you select the spell then you should target the enemy with it. You need to look at the spell description (or just trial and error and reload as needed :) ) to see if it can be directly targeted on an enemy or character, or if is is an Area Of Effect (AOE) spell then you target a spot on the ground. If it is a healing or buffing spell then you should target the appropriate group member generally, but some of these are AOE spells as well.

    For instance a druid might cast the Entangle spell about 30 feet ahead of the group in the middle of the enemies to hold them all with a radius. Or a druid might cast the Summon Insect spell and direct click on an enemy mage or cleric to target them to try to prevent them from casting spells.

    BG has a wide and varied magic system. It can really help you by using magic well to damage or cripple big groups of enemies like the mage Slow spell or Confusion for instance, and also by buffing up your group to deal out more damage faster by using the cleric/druid spell Strength of One for the whole group for a big battle, or the mage spell Strength for all day effects but only on one character.

  • Aaedyn1987Aaedyn1987 Member Posts: 41
    So I tried targeting directly after spell selection and it worked once and didn't once. I am wondering if it has to do with iPad itself. I.e. it isn't registering my tap on the target sometimes. I did check out the target description like you suggested. Very helpful. Thanks.

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