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Making up Jansen adventures thread

elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,214
edited October 2012 in Off-Topic
I thought it would be fun to create an entire thread of made up adventures of the Jansen family (spoken through the tongue of Jan most likely). For some reason I feel like this has been done before in another thread, but I did not have much luck finding any thread on it (I may just be thinking of Ward's "This reminds me of the time" thread). Feel free to contribute, especially those writers out there who are far better than I am at writing. My contribution is one I just wrote in another thread in the general section. I'm also hiding this paragraph so that it does not take away too much from the immersion.

Ahh the Sword Coast. That reminds me of my uncle Graveltoes and the tales he told of his adventures along the coast near Port Llast. Though he wasn't so much sight seeing as taking back the families turnip recipe from a lair of monsterous griffins. Why were they monsterous? well, you can't well call hunting normal sized griffins to be much of an adventure.

Now, you are probably wondering why was he called Graveltoes. He probably wonders himself, given that he has a foot made out of wood. It all goes back you see to the great turnip crisis of '22, when there was scarcely a turnip to be found anywhere in Faerun. It was a terrible time you see, when the Jansen family travelled throughout Amn and as far south as Calimshan looking to find a reliable supplier of turnips. Graveltoes found one, but was shortly thereafter ambushed by brigade of bandits who demanded he turn over all of his supplies and gold. He stubbornly declared "not while I'm still standing I won't", and well, after one cleave from a long sword he relented...

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