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Roleplaying as NPCs!

ArtonaArtona Member Posts: 1,046
I'm thinking about new playthrough of entire BG series - I mean, after I end my current run - and I got an idea of total roleplay style.
By "total", I mean not only playing my Bhaalspawn strictly non-meta, but also doing the same with... NPCs. I mean about situations like making Khalid go reckless if he sees Jaheira getting hurt. Keldorn trying to prevent party from robbing sarcophagus in Graveyard District. Edwin rushing towards Daevorn's chest and refusing to share scrolls - and Kagain doing the same with riches of Durlag's Tower; Hexxat going to Copper Coronet by night and draining sleeping people.
So my question is - did anyone try something like that? How did it go? How did you roleplay certain NPCs? What are your opinions about how NPCs should behave?



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